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  1. Nick

    Tutto Del Piero

  2. Nick

    Moggi in the Italian NT

  3. Nick

    [Serie A] Juventus - Reggina

    Guys i read your opinions about the chievo game and the general conclusion is that we played badly,the ref helped us but ok we take the three points and go on....ok in general i agree with you people but this is becoming really annoying for me... I have to admit that the juve matches that i...
  4. Nick

    Need Juve goals against vs MAdrid with italian commentar

    Thank you very much gino!
  5. Nick

    Need Juve goals against vs MAdrid with italian commentar

    pls guys can sb translate this? also th phrase una rete stupenda... thanks!!
  6. Nick

    Need Juve goals against vs MAdrid with italian commentar

    yeah i noticed that too for the commentary what happened this year...i would expect far more expressing commentary on behalf of the italians...anyway if anybody finds a better version pls post!!!
  7. Nick

    Juve - Real goals

    guys why can't i download the files wandy posted?
  8. Nick

    Juve - Real goals

    Guys pls can sb post the ibrahimovic skills from last night's glorious game?
  9. Nick

    I need Totti 100goals + Nekton moviez ;)

    anyone else knows where we can find nekton's work?
  10. Nick

    The "Thanks a million, CINAalpizebra!!!" Thread

    Well for cases such as mine,who have the opportunity to watch few juventus games Nekton is our (at least that's how i feel)direct connection to the team which so much we love.A million thanks really doesn't express the way i feel about Nekton and his work for us.Wish i could do much more(like...
  11. Nick

    BT:Bre0-3 Juv Full Time

    Sorry guys but i just couldn't download anything...some more help would be much appreciated!!
  12. Nick

    Please help!

    if sb knows only if rai is going to show the game pls!!!!
  13. Nick

    Please help!

    Guys i have just bought a satellite system in order to watch serie a this season...unfortunately this weekend they won't show the juve vs empoli but they will be broadcasting samp-reggina,bologna-parma and ancona-milan... If somebody knows whether i can watch the juve game in any of the...
  14. Nick

    MSN Messenger

    And what has happened with the microsoft chat?
  15. Nick

    MSN Messenger

    Excuse me because i am not aware of these subjects at all but the msn is like the microsoft chat?BTW what has happened with the microsoft chat??
  16. Nick

    From what channel do you see Juve game's?

    Guys sorry but i didn't understand...Which channel has the serie A rights(italian channel)???
  17. Nick

    Season 02/03: Juve's Player of the Year

    For me it's every guy in our squad
  18. Nick

    Zambrotta; Not Treated Well?

    One of the most hard working footballers i've ever seen...last year before the WC he had the record in appearances from all the WC players.Forza Zambo!
  19. Nick

    Tragic and Shocking Loss!

    :down: Let's hope this will be the last incident of this nature :down:
  20. Nick

    Juve sign Italy defender Legrottaglie !!!

    I really wish they keep oliveira and give him some more time to play he is really good.