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  1. my_hitzJUVE

    [SERIE A] Week-37- Siena 0 - 3 JUVENTUS (24-May-09)

    Streaming on Sopcast ...TVU etc???
  2. my_hitzJUVE

    [Champions League] Chelsea 1-0 JUVENTUS (02/25/09)

    Thats the reason we bought Momo. To disrupt opponents. If he done in extra its a bonus.
  3. my_hitzJUVE

    Party of Juve 109th Birthday

    On behalf of Juventus Football Club Malaysia (JFCM)... HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUVENTUS!!! :pint:
  4. my_hitzJUVE

    the pippo inzaghi thread

    i would rate zidane-inzaghi is great combinations just like roma's totti-cassano
  5. my_hitzJUVE

    [Serie A] Juventus vs. Inter

    if thuram play together with zidane for juve...we re super giant
  6. my_hitzJUVE

    [Serie A] Juventus vs. Inter

    shaky abbiati makes me more comfort coz defence will all out to protect that time we can see how unique juve is.... 2-1 to juve...pizzaro...zlatan n nedved
  7. my_hitzJUVE

    [Serie A] Parma vs. Juventus

    2 - 4..... trezegol 2, mutu 1 and camo 1 corradi 1 and marchionni 1... :D
  8. my_hitzJUVE

    [Serie A] Empoli vs. Juventus

    U got the point....:cool:
  9. my_hitzJUVE

    [Serie A] Juventus - Bologna

    its been almost 7 or 8 years we wait for him to comeback....if departure of legend baggio, vialli, ravenelli and zidane happened, it make sense if moggi will sent DP to atalanta :D
  10. my_hitzJUVE

    [Serie A] Juventus-Siena

    just realised....we have same points and same goal difference with milan...but why we 2nd..
  11. my_hitzJUVE

    Official Zlatan Ibrahimovic Thread

    how u can say like that....its not relevent...all our opponents are very strong and, whats so special with bayern
  12. my_hitzJUVE

    OOT : Torrent for TIGER CUP 2004

    yeah....seems like they came to kill those players.... stadium surrounding scared me too :scared: is so bad and only cover the pitch...can't see what happen in supporters bench...
  13. my_hitzJUVE

    OOT : Torrent for TIGER CUP 2004

    the match postponed on monday 3rd....
  14. my_hitzJUVE

    Official Zlatan Ibrahimovic Thread

    How bout Champ League match....sometime he lost too...our opponent defenders are not from serie a...
  15. my_hitzJUVE

    [merged] Who is juve opponents in the CL next round?

    anybody knows about madrid achievement or titles during capello's dynasty in madrid?
  16. my_hitzJUVE

    Gilardino to Juve

    gila..cave n vieri.....all these player mess up in my mind too...but how bout chevanton....
  17. my_hitzJUVE

    Trezeguet blasts Juve management

    yeah...plz don't go trezegol....but yes...of course u can go if u want....
  18. my_hitzJUVE

    LuisEnrique to Juve? have so many alternative rather than enrique....
  19. my_hitzJUVE

    SERIE A: Juventus - Modena

    hehe...of course i know juve is OUT alraedy...u take it too seriously....just feel irritated coz we not playing last nite :D ...MILAN IS TOO STRONG MENTALLY..
  20. my_hitzJUVE

    SERIE A: Juventus - Modena

    3 points agaist modena is a must.....