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  1. Your XI

    Oh why Inzaghi and Totti! One is the diving-boy Pippo, and the other is Totti: Italy's biggest villain and gay icon! I was only kidding Lacki.
  2. Your XI

    Nice! What about Maldini for LB? To me, he is best defender of the season so far.
  3. Your XI

    Erik, where is your line-up bro? Just don't include Kluivert in your team. Lacki has already succeeded in giving me a headache with Inzaghi and Totti.
  4. Your XI

    DP's Apprentice, Friedel is a better alternative to Westerveld? I don't think so. And actually Figo and Ballack has been very impressive of late unlike Nesta. True though Ballack took a while to settle in. But Rickenbacker, I don't know what Ferrara, de Boer, Overmars, Berkamp, Gujohnen, and...
  5. Your XI

    Waterreus is also awesome. But anyways, still Van der Sar? Why?
  6. Your XI

    Sander Westerveld! Rickenbacker I'm pleased with you. Along with Buffon IMO he's the best keeper out there. Please tell me her starts for Holland now.
  7. Your XI

    Who are the best XI in this world to form a team as far as this season is concerned? (Remember to select players on their performance in this season.) Lets see what all of us come up with........ Here's my selection: ------------------ Buffon ------------ Mexes ----- Maldini...