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  1. The Official MMA Thread

    That was a 10-8 round for Dustin in my books. Knowing how pathetic Conor's cardio levels are, I would've expected a TKO or submission win for Dustin in the 2nd or 3rd round anyways. The wife calling all week from Conor was just downright disgraceful.
  2. The Official MMA Thread

    No one deserves this shine more than Dustin the Diamond. Graceful in defeats, emphatic in victories. Respect.
  3. The Official MMA Thread

    The Weasle is one of the most respected MMA analysts online. His take on the GOAT conversation:
  4. The Official MMA Thread

    My GOAT rankings: 1- Khabib Nurmagomedov: 29-0 undefeaded and undisputed in an era where Lightweight is the best and most stacked division in the UFC. Never lost a round (apart from one he took off standing up with Conor, and it was very very close), never been dropped, never been cut. Absolute...
  5. The Official MMA Thread

    I've been following the sport since 2008 and I can, for the first time, absolutely say Khabib is the clear GOAT. It's not that he needed to show that against Justin, but the way he pulled that perfect triangle choke in a HUGE title fight like this was just legendary confidence personified.
  6. The Official MMA Thread

    Even if he did miss weight, by the movement of the needle, it was by fractions. He weighed in first and still had 2 hours to spare. So he could've gone back and lost those extra fractions of a pound in less than 30 minutes.
  7. The Official MMA Thread

    Predictions for UFC 254? The usual mauling by Khabib or a huge upset by Gaethje?
  8. The Official MMA Thread

    The judging system in UFC needs to be reconsidered. Holloway clearly won the first 2 rounds so he got 10-9s on both. 4th and 5th were close to Volkanovski's so he also got 10-9s for both. 3rd was very close and hard to judge some give it to Max few to Alex. They need to put in more judges...
  9. The Official MMA Thread

    Masvidal is one of the cringiest personas in the UFC. I hope Usman put an end to the stupid hype around him.
  10. The Official MMA Thread

    lol Khabib man-handled Conor. No one will defeat this mythical creature.
  11. The Official MMA Thread

    Flyweight has been a dull division for so long, mainly because DJ was way ahead of everybody. But Bantamweight has always been exciting. First with the Cruz vs. Faber rivalry, then came Renan Barao and people thought he's the next big thing before TJ demolished him twice and now he's doing the...
  12. The Official MMA Thread

    The most obvious choice now is to make the rubber match between DJ vs. Cejudo. Also, TJ vs. Cruz would be great for the undisputed greatest Bantamweight of all time.
  13. The Official MMA Thread

    He is annoying and can't talk shit. Not one of my favorites but still a legit HW and LHW. He'd rank #2 to Cain Velasquez at HW and Jon Jones at LHW. - - - Updated - - - Yea that bitch is crazy :D
  14. The Official MMA Thread

    7 year old Khabib will smash you Mark.
  15. The Official MMA Thread

    DC ain't Jon Jones but man he is NOT trash :D He never been in trouble whatsoever in that fight. People were disappointed in Khabib's performance because he was so dominant in his two previous fights and thought he'd do the same to Iaquinta but Khabib was playing and respecting Iaquinta and...
  16. The Official MMA Thread

    If both fighters get into that octagon 100% physically and mentally, Conor has no chance whatsoever. Conor's only chance is to get Khabib to act out of character and do stupid shit early on, and that's unlikely. Khabib is so composed. In fact, I think Conor is the one who will get emotional in...
  17. The Official MMA Thread

    And now Khabib vs. Conor announced for Oct 6, T-Mobile Vegas. Shit just got real.
  18. The Official MMA Thread

    So who do you guys got for TJ vs. Cody? This is really gonna be a toss up. I'd say TJ just because he's more well rounded and pretty much calmer. But if he walks into those Cody bombs again, this time he get finished.
  19. The Official MMA Thread

    Shogun is one of my all time favorites. I'd love to see him fight for the title one more time. Gustafsson and Volkan certainly do not deserve a title shot right now.
  20. The Official MMA Thread

    I'm not arguing that Jones is or isn't deliberately doping. All I'm saying is, given that the amount found in his urine is so small that experts say it wouldn't give him a physical advantage in the fight. He defeated DC because he successfully executed the plan to exploit DC leaning habit with a...