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    Kidney issues vs head trauma. Neither one sounds fun. As for Diaz, he is a lean dude. A vegan. I'm sure he smokes weed and pigs out on snacks when he isn't fighting, but I don't think he gets that heavy. Most 170 pound fighters walk around at about 190 (unless your Johnny Hendricks and walk...
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    It was essentially a fight at 155, but without weight cutting. If they fought at 155 they both would have rehydrated to about 170. People are forgetting that Conor even when he was fighting at 145 typically walked around in mid 160's. Whereas Nate probably walks around at about 170-175 The...
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    Yes, and kickboxer too. - - - Updated - - - As much as people are highlighting Holly's movement and striking as the key this video from super coach Firas Zahabi shows that Holm's preparation for Ronda's clinch game was on point:
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    Because you asked what the point of fighting is.
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    What is the point of anything?
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    I think Ronda along with a lot of other people underestimated Holm, but the fact is if you had seen her other performances in the UFC it was clear that she is far from being a complete MMA fighter. Obviously she has improved from her last fight, but Ronda really made things easier for her...