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  1. Scudetto Superstitious

    :rofl: some English lessons we are having down here :D
  2. Scudetto Superstitious

    Nice one isha00 :thumb: so it is bullsh** :D anyway, we will prove everyone wrong again by winning the Scudetto this year.. the relegation thing is something interesting, hopefully we get to play Milan in our first match next season and beat them.... hehe ;)
  3. Scudetto Superstitious

    oic.. thanks maybe i got it wrong, anyway something new i learn again :)
  4. Scudetto Superstitious

    I always heard ppl mentioning about the team that win the Berlusconi trophy or the being winter Scudetto champion will not win the Scudetto title in the end. :dazed: Is this really the truth? I dont have a strong knowledge of Italian SerieA history, but i do realized for SerieA02-03, Milan...