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  1. Marcello Lippi leaves JUVE

    If somebody can move it to the appropriate thread it's fine with me. I typed to fast to get the scoop. ;)
  2. Marcello Lippi leaves JUVE

    He's leaving Juve at the end of the season. He won't coach another team. It was time to go. The higher powers wanted him to stay but he refused. He had another year left on his contract but he decided not to take a cent. They even offered him a job like Sacchi with Parma but he said that...
  3. Marcello Lippi leaves JUVE

    I guess we'll get Prandelli this summer with some Parma players(Ferrari, Gilardino and Blasi).
  4. Marcello Lippi leaves JUVE

    CALCIO 17.48 Lippi annuncia: "Lascio la Juve" Il tecnico bianconero: "Non andrò in nessuna altra squadra" TORINO - "Me ne vado, era giunto il momento che io mi facessi da parte". Marcello Lippi annuncia l'addio alla Juve. "Io stacco, non andrò da nessun altra squadra. Ho rifiutato...
  5. Marcello Lippi leaves JUVE

    more news later