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  1. The TIM Trophy..

    Thank God! Our shirts haven't a big band on back, like Inter! :yuck:
  2. Argentine Sensation linked

    Nothing! So why Maresca was sold? To buy another one? But Mascherano have some defensive abilities, isn't? So.. I'm wrong! :D
  3. Argentine Sensation linked

    Isn't he type of Maresca? :rolleyes:
  4. Copa America 2004

    Brasil!!!!! Brasil!!!!! Brasil!!!!! Poor hermanos :party: :extatic:
  5. Luis Fabiano to Juve

    He is Kaka's friend. Milan have Kaka and Leonardo, who already played in São Paulo and Milan too and today is Vice President Assistant and Chief Executive officer of Milan. He brought Kaka last time!
  6. Diego.

    Diego, certainly! But I don't like that compare. Two kind of players!
  7. Luís Fabiano

    Me too! :D Renato over Emerson, Alex over Lucio.. Please!! I heard something about Luís Fabiano, Robinho further Diego to going to Juve! But.. neither do I believe that it gonna happen! And please, don't speak anymore that Lucio have a good technique.. Yeah, strong!! Too much I think.. :fero:
  8. Diego.

    I don't agree with these history about Robinho! He's very good player!!! That game with Boca, the team doesn't play good! Was more tactic than quality of players! Robinho is smart, quick and very unpredictable!! That's the point, the difference!! Santos of Diego and Robinho have a lot of...
  9. Diego.

    "Now don't have more deal. I don't care more with the negotiation of Diego, who start from now will just run inside of the field. Now it's me who don't want more, will be wait until january and do it of mine manner", claims Djair, Diego's father. He refer to fact of Diego could sign a...
  10. Luís Fabiano

    Right! :D Principally last year he was very persecuted! This year he's doing the best and get only one red card.. undeservedly!!!! :angel: Let's see!
  11. Luís Fabiano

    Oh, really? He's a striker and have 23 years old. Plays in São Paulo. Top scorer of Libertadores with 5 goals in 6 games and in the year have 13 goals of 15 games! Strong, brave, a little nervous sometimes! Yeah, like Adriano more or less but much better! The better of Brasil!!!!
  12. Luís Fabiano

    This is the guy that we are looking for! Luís Fabiano is good, great, awesome! Only today I decide wrote about he because I'd forgotten :frown: But to compensate I bring two videos of last night! Don't think that's luck! mms://
  13. Maybe Diego??

    Well.. I like Totti, really! But this don't change nothing what I feel about Juve! Take it easy :angel: Yeah! He's playing good, but don't making a lot of goals like formerly! Don't concern.. still the same Diego! About Gremio, I don't know much things. It's just in the semifinals in...
  14. Maybe Diego??

    Oh oh oh! Diego? Diego is great! I live in Brazil and I can say: Bring him to us! Exactly what we need! Improving, bring Renato too! I'm brazilian, so correct me in english!