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    Kwadwo Asamoah

    We don't have many options for the LWB position, never a fan of De Ceglie. I think Asamoah's had good performances, but he seemed very exhausted last night. Became lazy.
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    Sebastian Giovinco

    I think Giovinco did well against Inter, a few impressive skills and drew fouls.
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    Nicklas Bendtner

    OMG I can't believe this guy of trash got the nod ahead of quagliarella for the half time substitute. He ruined our style of game, and even had the nerve to be selfish, trying to curl it in from a difficult angle with an open goal. Terrible.
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    [Serie A] JUVENTUS 1-3 Calciopoli Directors (3rd Nov 2012)

    Bendnter, pure rubbish. We need a striker. We could've been up by 2-0 (not counting the offside goal). We had a good first half. Inter's win is over rated, they played a good game on the night, brave. But they didn't dominate the game. I am sad at our miss attempt to break Milan's unbeaten...
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    Angelo Alessio

    Although both are stand-ins, and presumably would just carry out a bunch of scenarios that Conte had already planned out. I still think there is a difference between Alessio and Carrera on the bench. May be its the half time pep talk, may be its the body language that gives the squad a different...
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    Alberta Tampona Aquilani

    We don't have enough depth in Midfield at the moment to play 4-3-3. We would at least need another cm. Our squad roster is for 4-4-2 Let our 4 cm rotate the 2 positions. Injuries and fatigue will require them to anyhow.
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    [Serie A] Fake Scudetti winners vs JUVENTUS (29) (Oct. 3rd 2010)

    Anybody got Del Piero's ratio? For a creative man, DP's a great finisher
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    Vincenzo Iaquinta

    If Iaquinta had gotten the one on one chance quag did, he would have scored. Likewise Del Piero. He would've shot that from outside the box as certainly he wouldn't have the pace. But we wont be able to challenge for trophies without real first team strikers.
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    Miloš Krasić

    He DOES dribble better than Nedved. Has better control on the ball when dribbling, with the quick turns. Nedved was more straight forward when on the ball.
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    Paolo De Ceglie

    I disagree. He hasn't been harmless. It's not just about analyzing the play that lead to our conceding a goal, but asses the whole game. His defensive positioning is poor. I see Chiellini covering his ass too often, but that makes Chie less concentrated on his CB duties. And often gets...
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    The Wish List and General Discussion Thread

    How good would Ribery be as our LM/Left winger. :D Is Scheletto a RB? I havent seen him and only know he plays the right side on the wings, made me think he fits in Krasic's position, which we dont need. But if he's good at RB, then goo for him.
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    [Serie A] JUVENTUS 1-3 Palermo (September 23rd 2010)

    It'll be quite the scoring game. Obviously Palermo can expose our defense much better than Udinese, as against Inter they we're looking very good on the attack. But also Palermo looked in trouble when facing quick counters, with Krasic's speed I think we can do very well on the counter. Quag...
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    Claudio Marchisio

    DQ moment- Quag's shoulders must be made of memory foam or latex coz that looks damn comfy. Hahaha... on the serious side, I can't believe Lenzafame makes more than Marchisio, he's getting pennies. Amauri is o over paid. I can't imagine what our budget looks like with Camo n Trez still here.
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    Zdenek Grygera

    An assumption replied by even greater assumption. This makes it seem like De Ceglie is actually proper as LB. We've used Grygera as LB before in previous seasons, and he looked safe there. Can't go forward, but defensive positioning-wise sound.
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    Miloš Krasić

    Whats deceptive about Krasic is that he plays like he's 10cm shorter (agility and speed). His burst of speed is amazing and he's got physical strength that a normal speedy winger doesn't have. Deadly
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    [Serie A] Udinese 0-4 JUVENTUS (September 19th 2010)

    Sanchez was stumbling abit before Chiellini came in, but it was Chiellini's contact that brought him down. The ref didn't give it coz from behind it does look like Chiellini managed to get the ball in between sanchez's leg. From replay it shows, he didn't get the ball.
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    The Financial Situation

    Which other team has different home and away kit sponsor?
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    Leonardo Bonucci

    Agree. He looks more of the strong composed defender. But I still think Chiellini is faster. So I don't think they are similar.
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    Miloš Krasić

    I don't think he drifted out, I think it was more like team orders, to stay compact and efficient. And so he didn't make anymore of his runs.
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    [Serie A] Udinese 0-4 JUVENTUS (September 19th 2010)

    The only game where De Ceglie doesn't play in and we get a clean sheet. :D Despite facing the worse current team in the league. Today was a great performance, we shouldn't get too much ahead of ourselves but a big win + clean sheet always helps morale. Praise goes to Krasic and Quags, and...