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  1. Need a gmail invite? I have 6.

    You see DonBes - I only gring good things to people (hehehe) Thanks for the answers anyways!
  2. Need a gmail invite? I have 6.

    Guys, another Q: after how many days since you opened the Gmail account did you get the invitations ??
  3. Why Di Vaio left Juve… (Del Piero)

    I can`t believe it how much you fancy Del Piero guys. I understand he is a legend for the Juventini but Di Vaio and Miccoli are saying the truth...and sooner or later you will understand. I think there should have been much more space for both of them.
  4. Manuele Blasi

    I like(d) Blasi - but if he supports rioma-merda than - sticazzi!
  5. Capello's work

    I agree with those who say that it is early to evaluate his job!
  6. Moggi's biggest mistake(s)?

    I agree with Arif, selling Henry and especially Vieri were huge mistakes. Recent mistakes were the acquisitions of Salas and the selling of Di Vaio.
  7. Albania - Greece

    That was a great win guys - congratulations to the Albanians of this forum! We play Georgia on Wednesday 6 PM cet! It will be tough. If anyone has the video of the second goal scored by Ardian Aliaj, pls do not hesitate to post the link!
  8. Need a gmail invite? I have 6.

    Ah- thanks! So far I have nothing!
  9. Need a gmail invite? I have 6.

    Where do you see if you have invitations for others in the inbox ?
  10. Alessandro Del Piero Vs Fabrizio Miccoli

    I was about to raise the issue of Del Piero. And his injuries to be more accurate. I think his time has gone my friends; Juve should have sold him last summer or 2 summers ago when the foreign clubs were willing to spend huge amounts of cash for him (something like Zidane deal). He is so...
  11. Need a gmail invite? I have 6.

    Thanks buddy - I am from Kosova, live in PR and PZ at the same time during a week. DonBes - of course I will cheer on Saturday man, I was about to go but some issues in the last minute canceled everything.
  12. Need a gmail invite? I have 6.

    ...what`s there to laugh about mate ??
  13. Need a gmail invite? I have 6.

    DonBes - thank a lot buddy! I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart
  14. Need a gmail invite? I have 6.

    Ciao Juventini - congrats for two great signings! Can I please get an invitation if possible. My e-mail is: [email protected] Thanks in advance! O Besmir - jam shqiptar dhe po pate ndonje invitation ma bej nje mua. Flm!