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  1. delpiero & inzaghi or trezeguet.?

    Ale & Pippo:eek::D:cheesy:
  2. Merry christmas

    merry x'mas and get good bargains during boxin' wk!!!~~~
  3. Best Goalkeepers

  4. Name your favorite top 10 Juve player in order.

    1.ale 2.pippo 3.lippi 4.plantini 5.gigi 6.viali that's it...can't think anyone else...
  5. Favourite actors

    female: Mega Ryan Julia Roberts Cameron Diaz Julia Froster Sophie Marceau
  6. Favourite actors

    guys:' Tom Cruise Richard Gere Tom hanks
  7. Most respected former Juventino?

    Super Pippo and guys who brought us 96' CL champ!~
  8. Favourite TV shows

    but um..u know what,I like CHandler & Mon ...:D yup. BTW,do u wanna Warner Bros continue the 10th Season anyway?
  9. Favourite TV shows

    hey Greg,i am watchin' the 9th season.Some of the expisodes r amazin',have u watch the lastest one :x'mas in Tulsa?it's good...
  10. Juventus - Lazio

    This sucks!Lose again!~~ words to say,buy a new player ,Moggi!~
  11. Favourite TV shows

    BTW,Friends perhaps will have the 10th season,COOL,huh? See the details of latest PEOPLE magazine!~~~~
  12. Favourite TV shows

    FRIENDS-A MUST SEE!~~ Will & Grace Sex and the City...
  13. Top Ten Teams In The World!!

    1. Juventus 2. Real Madrid 3. Milan 4. Bayern Münich 5. Barcelona 6. Arsenal 7. Inter 8. Valencia 9. Manchester United 10.Ajax
  14. New Azzurri coach

    Lippi or Vialli !~
  15. Camoranesi to pick Italy

    Cool,glad 2 hear that stuff.
  16. Puma is the new Italian NT sponsor

    Puma?That brand sucks! Adidas should be the choice,it's so COOL!~
  17. Juventus in America

    Hey,u r in Buffalo,huh?Cool,it's not far from london!~ I also hope i can make it for both two matches! Sooooooooo look forward to next yr's matches!
  18. Juventus in America

    Count me in,I will make a trip from London(Ont.) to Giant Stadium.See u guys there