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  1. Kasaki

    Calciopoli or Morattopoli.. inter fake orgasm

    If I speak
  2. Kasaki

    Dejan Kulusevski

    Yeah he’s price has gone up since though imo. I’d rather renogegotiate a more suitable fee
  3. Kasaki

    Moise Kean

    Then apologies but that comment was out of left field.
  4. Kasaki

    Moise Kean

    Lmao with a username like Helter Skelter just say ur racist and go 1672860584 This is what I expected to see v promising
  5. Kasaki

    Leandro Paredes

  6. Kasaki

    Dejan Kulusevski

    Chance Tottenham fail to qualify for CL and don’t redeem him ??
  7. Kasaki

    Luciano Moggi

  8. Kasaki

    Dušan Vlahović

    Or Bayern depending on how we do imo. Madrid will sign Haaland imo leaving no space for him
  9. Kasaki

    Dušan Vlahović

  10. Kasaki

    Massimiliano “Badass” Allegri

    Lol it’s in the training exercises. These are good players not world beaters but within calcio they should be dominating
  11. Kasaki

    Leonardo Bonucci

    Ayo lmao Curva Sud 1663691352 He’s a bum
  12. Kasaki

    Arkadiusz Milik - ST - Marseille

    Di Marzio been wrong on juve for a while so im praying to lord jesus
  13. Kasaki

    Nicolò Zaniolo - AM RC - Roma

    Please let this be true. I'm willing to wait for Zaniolo
  14. Kasaki

    Manuel Locatelli

    Lmao someone said Allegri turned him into Montolivo
  15. Kasaki

    Matías Soulé

    We where defending and looking to end the game by the time he came on. I will say he was one good touch when Miretti switched it to him. And then he himself had that great switch he played from the edge of our box nearly to the halfway line for Kostic
  16. Kasaki

    Memphis Depay - SS/ST - Barcelona

    Proper Dybala replacement
  17. Kasaki

    Adrien Rabiot

    Lol the rumor was before UTD that Monaco would be in for Rabiot if they qualified for CL. I saw a report saying Veronique was waiting for Monaco to not qualify for CL before moving Rabiot to UTD
  18. Kasaki

    Adrien Rabiot

    PSV - Monaco in extra time. Need PSV to win so his mom dont get ideas
  19. Kasaki

    Gleison Bremer