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  1. Juventus - Inter

    I'm looking for caps of the intimidating gaze Chiellini sent at Zlatan, if you've seen the game you'll know which gaze I'm taking about. Anyone has that? :) Much appreciated in advance.
  2. greatest political songs ever

    Sting - Russians
  3. Borat (some posts contain unmarked spoilers)

    Unequal in quality. Unsurprisingly most of the sex-scatalogical associated stuff just did not bring anything worthwhile to the movie, although I'll admit a bit of that was so sick (yeah, I'm thinking of the 69th) it became funny and you'd tell yourself okay, why the f*ck not? Then, there's...
  4. big problem: giraudo will go and elkan will change juve management

    If you'd read, you'd know it's John Elkann, not Lapo.
  5. Names

    Some of the names I could give my children -- if they were girls: Ambre, Camille, Céline, Chloé, Claire, Clara, Elsa, Jade, Juliette, Laure, Lola, Magalie, Marion, Mélanie, Morgane, Noémie, Victoria -- if they were boys: Alexandre, Corentin, Gabriel, Hugo, Noah, Romain, Sébastien...
  6. [Serie A] Lecce vs. Juventus

    I don't think any channel available on the streaming softwares intends to broadcast the game.
  7. Poll: Favourite Football Game

    Pro Evolution Soccer :cool:
  8. It's official, Craig the new Bond

    Petra Nemcova, I want Petra Nemcova! :extatic:
  9. Techno, Trance & House - Reborn

    A tune I would like to recommand: Inaya Day - Nasty Girls
  10. Record

    10? Well possibly between all competitions (couldn't bother checking actually) but definitely not league wins which did not exceed 6.
  11. [Serie A] Juventus vs. Inter

    I don't have that
  12. [Serie A] Juventus vs. Inter

  13. remembering edgar davids

    Hehe! :D He was nervous like few. But truthfully, I got mad at him on that account only once. That was against Deportivo four years ago where he came on and you could feel it wouldn't be very long before he'd eventually get sent off (which of course he did)... the worst part was it looked...
  14. Chelsea boring?

    No, Chelsea are not boring.
  15. House and Trance

    "Fuel my fire" is so un-Prodigy-like, not even in the top 4 (top 4, what the hell is that anyway?) list of its own album, let alone four. ... Dan, here are additional recommandations if you wanna get into the genre -- and here I notice Tom complancently left out all the cheesy sh!te...
  16. Calculate your death day...

    Okay thanks, Mr Gol. I should die the 27th of October 2056 apparently
  17. Calculate your death day...

    I've got problems converting kilograms and centimeters into another system and couldn't care googling a helpful site. Someone willing to help?
  18. CL: Club Brugge - Juventus

    You're mistaken Hakan & Murhat Yakin for Serhat Akin who plays not for Brugge but Anderlecht.
  19. KOmpany and Senderos

    Not the best example to support your claim that we do get carried away a little too easily. Where did you hear anythinng like it? This is fallacy of the first order and you know it! Years of disappointing results have forced us, including the media, to stay humble as regards to the level of...