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  1. ornella

    Time to mourn: L'Avvocato died!

    ...Ciao Avvocato...
  2. ornella

    800th posts

    congratulation :D:D
  3. ornella

    Modena - Juventus

    my prediction is Juve 1-0 Modena
  4. ornella


  5. ornella

    Juve's Future Fan-Idol

    i think it will be brighi !
  6. ornella

    Most respected former Juventino?

    it's hard to choose between Vialli & Baggio !!
  7. ornella

    Juventus - Udinese

    ok but the most important thing is that we have the three points !!!!:D:D
  8. ornella

    Good memories

    ok we can celebrate it on the forum !! good idea or not ??
  9. ornella

    Juventus - Udinese

    FORZA JUVE you are the best !!!
  10. ornella

    Most disciplined Serie A team so far ...

    the juventus win without yellow card and this is really great !!
  11. ornella

    Steal a Player!!

    inter= Cannavaro milan= Inzaghi roma= Montella bologna= Cruz lazio= Chiesa empoli= parma= Brighi chievo= Marazzina piacenza= Hubner modena= brescia= Baggio perugia= udinese= reggina= como= atalanta= Doni torino= Lucarelli real madrid= Raul barça= Mendieta man utd= Beckham...
  12. ornella

    Juventuz World Player of the Year

    Ornella Marsala - Belgium 1. Alessandro Del Piero ( Juventus) 2. Raul ( Real Madrid) 3. Thierry Henry (Arsenal)
  13. ornella

    Another dedication thread

    congratulation !! :D :star:
  14. ornella

    9 grand

    Congratulation !:eek::extatic:
  15. ornella

    2500th post :D

    congratulations !! ;)
  16. ornella

    Roberto Baggio

  17. ornella

    Paulo Montero