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  1. Fiorentina: It's all over

    I think the whole of Italy should boycott Roma and Lazio and refuse to buy any of their players for more then like 1million dollars tops in that way we can force them to Bankurptcy :devil: unlike Fiorentina I won't be sorry for them Rome can go back to having fights in the...
  2. Fiorentina: It's all over

    Just as Juve in Italy And Barca in Spain River is the current leader of most League Titles and they are ahead by as much as Juve is ahead to Milan
  3. Fiorentina: It's all over

    that was so pathetic its almost funny :howler::(:undecide: Best team in Europe Juve Best team in S America River Best Team in World :undecide::undecide::undecide: ps. Definetley not Real Madrid ds.
  4. Fiorentina: It's all over

    on 1 hand I am glad Since these people have always given Juventus a harder time then other opponents They even hate Juve altough juve look at them as a mear rowdy younger siblings on the other hand I am sorry for them So in honour of Fiorentina I went to play football in a purpule...