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    Juve vs Milan

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    REQ: video theme uefa champions league

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    REQ: video theme uefa champions league

    i take this video on RCTI: the official tv patner uefa champions league in indonesia. But anyone, whos have video like this, but without commentary sound and without Playstation 2 advertisement? i want get it...please help me.... thanks... video:
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    Juve vs Werder

    highlight please.....
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    very funny before the match video clip (gerard and small boy)

    reupload please...i missed this video...
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    :: Italy 4-1 Germany ::

    the highlight friendly match can be found at there: enjoy....
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    Italy-Germany goals please

    all highlight on friendly match can be found on this page: enjoy.....
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    Bremen 3-2 Juventus :: HighLights ::

    sorry... i get this from site....: Juventus come to Bremen: The Goals: Bremen (1): Nedved: Trezeguet: Bremen(2)...
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    Bremen Vs. Juventus (1st leg, 22/2/2006) do you have highlight of chelsea vs barca? i think its very nice match... and lippi, do you have highlight juve vs udine?? thanks....
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    Bremen Vs. Juventus (1st leg, 22/2/2006)

    highlight please...anyone????
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    Juventus - Milan CL Final 2003

    :cry: if nedved play... i think at 2003 we can shut off milan mouth.....
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    BT:Juve vs Parma fullgame

    china, can you upload highlight for juve vs udine? i missed that.... please me....
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    please re-upload the highlight... i missed that..... juve vs udine...
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    Juventus --> Champion's League, last 13 years

    why after i download total 25 mbytes, i must waitting 1 hours to download another video from rapid share? can anyone reupload that to thanks....