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    Non-Juve Transfer news (official or rumors)

    Pulisic will likely play on the right, while Odoi is more suited for the left. The real shame for Odoi was Sarri's appointment; it basically guaranteed he wouldn't play.
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    Winter Mercato Thread 2018/19

    I agree on the proven part, but in today's market that's not a prerequisite for insane prices. Their midfield is stacked, but not so much in defensive midfield. He'd basically be Fernandinho's long-term replacement, as their backup for him now appears to be Delph. I think he'd fit well here, as...
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    Winter Mercato Thread 2018/19

    Guardiola is supposedly quite keen on him. EPL appeal + he wouldn't have to adjust to a new country/league + fat paycheck + Guardiola = some convincing required. The prices I've seen quoted for him are also very high. It's possible Paratici will be more open to spending big on players who aren't...
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    The Official MMA Thread

    He was really a perfect storm for the UFC from a marketing perspective. Confident, good talker by fighters' standards, from a pro-combat sport English-speaking country with little sporting success as of late and, crucially, had the skills to make all of that come into play. The UFC is much...
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    The Official MMA Thread

    That's not even remotely true. He's beaten some of the most accomplished fighters to have ever done it at the weight-classes he's competed in. He just has flaws and fought someone about as well-equipped as anyone can be to exploit those flaws. Considering he wasn't able to keep it standing, he...
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    Alex Sandro

    Good second half, but he could learn a lot about offensive positioning from Cancelo. He almost always passes the ball to a teammate, runs down the touchline and is ignored. He doesn't have any chemistry with anyone on the left side. I think a big part of his decline has been a result of not...
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    Juventuz LIVE matches 2018/2019

    The lovechild of Chiellini and Quagliarella.
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    Juventus Next Gen

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    Juventus Next Gen

    Formation seems to be something like:
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    Moise Kean

    He's 18 :sergio:
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    Gonzalo Higuaín

    Hoping Bonucci passes the #HungrierThanEver hashtag onto this guy. There's no one more fit to carry the torch.
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    Marko Pjaca

    Sounds like another loan + option + counter-option deal is where that's headed.
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    Summer Mercato Thread 2018

    He's been injured a fair bit recently and Sarri might have plans for him. There were weak links to him about a month ago, but I haven't seen anything since.
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    Cristiano Ronaldo

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    Summer Mercato Thread 2018

    This has loan + option(*cough*obligation*cough*) written all over it. Was expecting Laxalt links after the WC to be honest, considering we've been linked to him before.