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  1. Zlatan to Inter for 24.8m €

    Capello didn't care about Juventus. He cared about making money and getting his career even further. He is just a gloryhunter who has the tallent to coach a team that is worldclass. If i look at Capello, I see a worldclass trainer who wants to get as much as is there to get in the arena of...
  2. [Serie A] Juventus vs. Inter

    Can anyone give me a working stream?
  3. [Serie A] Juventus vs. Inter

    streams link please!
  4. What's wrong with your country?

    Estonia: I live in Estonia. Most of you don’t know where it is, am I right? Estonia is below Finland, near Scandinavia, neighbors are Russia, Latvia, Finland. We have a nice country, small and with outrageous women – their just so beautiful. Specially all the tourist love Estonian girls...
  5. [CL] Juventus - Liverpool

    Good night dudes! :)
  6. [CL] Real Madrid - Juventus

    Chill, i hate viasat sport.. good why they aren't showing juves game.. other 3 games are comin' live.. **** them, **** real madrid..
  7. [Serie A] Cagliari - Juventus

    Lets play with 3 forwards, soon someone will get injured, then will play with 2, everyone is happy, and you can blame all of them if they can't score..
  8. [Serie A] Cagliari - Juventus

    I'm with you!
  9. [Serie A] Cagliari - Juventus

    Why ****ing Zola? He did what Juve deserved, it's our not his fault that we can't handle the defence.. i would say that **** appiah and juves defence!
  10. [Serie A] Cagliari - Juventus

    You should stop the nonsense! ;)
  11. -what are u currently listenin to?-

    Haiducci - Dragostea Din Tei! ;)
  12. Merged: Post-CL depression and future outlook

    respect. Will fight on. Juventus needs us! :)
  13. Juve & Barca to exchange players

    We don't need strikers. We need a defence. We have 5 forwards. Trezeguet is good.
  14. LA COPPA: Internazionale - Juventus

    Why isn't buffon in goal today... Lippi is sick...:S
  15. LA COPPA: Internazionale - Juventus

    Where is buffon?:S