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    American NFL Football

    I'm pretty sure Brenda Warner has a penis.
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    American NFL Football

    I love the parity concept and the hard cap. I don't see how one could claim that the Cardinals don't deserve to go to the Superbowl after their ass-raping of Carolina and if they manage to beat the Eagles. Got that right. New Qb and HC and we'd be really dangerous.
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    American NFL Football

    Shanahan going was surprising, but understandable, didn't seem like they were going anywhere. The Broncos have Cutler and not that much else, they have the time to rebuild around him and with a new coach. Will be very interesting seeing who takes that job. I think Spagnolo will get a job...
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    Can It really be done?

    Van der Sar has no place on the team, he was a good player. Look at our defensive record that year. If I was to mention a keeper I would mention Isaksson, he was very young but completely failed to make an impact at all. Mirkovic and Dimas did their job IMO, they were average and nothing else...
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    Your favorite snus?

    Anything that's not in bag(portion) form.
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    Nick Against the World

    Can't read the beer cap, is it Corona?
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    My Europe Trip: Critiques and Comments

    Why Switzerland?
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    Virginia Tech Murders

    It seems to be going the other way though, I've seen lots of people wanting to have "everyone" carrying a gun, just today I read something about how Tennessee are allowing guns in public buildings and areas. I've also seen a lot of people say: "if just one of those kids at VT had a gun...", like...
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    The Death Clock

    No way! You mean this thing doesn't work?
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    The Death Clock

    Man, that site is old, I remember checking it out more than six years ago.
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    The loss you have been gutted about the most

    Manyoo 99, the most pain I've ever had from watching a football game. Brutal.
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    brothers...i wanna to cry now >,<

    Classic. :D
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    brothers...i wanna to cry now >,<

    If she knows that you love her and nothing has happened, this is most likely going nowhere fast. Don't chat with her and "try to create jokes" and fight for her attention, ignore her and hit on her best friend. You might not want to now, but trust me. If she's interested she'll let you know.
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    The my language threads

    That's not really true, and I remember us mods talking much about it. The Scandinavian thread work, and several others, but some also didn't work at all. The best (or worst) example was the Spanish language thread(link below), where some posters were closing in on 5k posts, and things that could...
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    Trézéguet shoots hard

    I remember Hirst's shot against the Arse, it was pretty damn hard.