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  1. Delpiero and totti

    figo is the best...totti and del P just talented player
  2. New stadium

    so, this is really juventus' or we still share it with torino
  3. Who from milan??

    we really need gatusso...
  4. Forza Juve in Asia!- a MUST READ!

    yups...most of m'sian chinese supporting red-coloured-jersey club they not supporting the club actually..most of them supporting manshit..because..beckham was a manshit player..then,cristiano ronaldo's fancy moves...they supporting loserfool because of michael owen..
  5. Favourite Non-Juve Players

    van der vaart.. totti nesta javier zanetti sheva
  6. Thomas Locatelli

    rosicky and requilme seem won't come to juve... they never play on serie, i think that moggi's won't take them... jankoluvski seems as a possible choice.. aimar and van derr vaart..i don't think that they'll play for juve
  7. Brazilian player gets red car... eeer, knickered???

    Ferro's wife was at the game - and didn't recognise the lacy lingerie.... :)
  8. Brazilian player gets red car... eeer, knickered???

    oh come he bring it along... i think the ref and his wife did something before the match..
  9. Goals Conceded: Solutions?

    iuliano is f**king stupid.. how if we change ..FerrarA to Ferrari
  10. Hate more? Milan or Inter?

    i think u hate arsenal..right?.. i hate roma because totti play for roma.. i hate milan because i hate inzaGay.. but i have no reason to hate inter... forza juve....forza inter.
  11. Your 3 favorite Serie A teams

    juve lazio milan..
  12. Cars!!!!!!!!

    ... proton sutera
  13. Cars!!!!!!!!

    our national car[malaysia]
  14. Reveal yourself!

    updated: other sport i played;field hockey,archery... occupation:electronic eng. student..majoring on analog ic design.. start supporting juve..96..when juve win our 2nd CL... i want to meet:mrsm beseri's students batch 13..i miss u all...plz contact me
  15. Ronaldo(Man Utd) or Kaka(Ac Milan) ??

    no doubt kaka' is better..