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    Weston McKennie

    Let me guess, being a minority is the only thing that sets you apart, doesn't it?
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    Summer mercato 2021-22

    He is right in this case. Why would BVB let go their best player a year earlier for only 15mln more? Without him they could fail to finish top 4 that season and risk being kicked out of the CL after the group stage. Both would cost them much more than 15mln. Not to mention they would have one...
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    Premier League 2020-21

    What happened to Spurs? Last time I remember they were close to the first post.
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    Summer mercato 2021-22

    Yes, he still hasn't signed a new deal that would remove that clause. I was thinking about him too recently. He's been having a good season so far from what I'm reading. If we somehow manage to sell any of Ramsey, Rabiot or Bentancur, he should be the one to replace them.
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    Federico Chiesa

    I really like him and always liked him. First, his name reminds me of the times when I was falling in love with calcio as a child in 1999. I didn't even have the chance to watch games but playing FIFA and reading sport papers was enough. Secondly, I want Italy to have exciting and great...
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    Europa League 2020-21

    Portugal and Spain closed the borders.
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    Nicolò Rovella

    I've seen nothing but his games against us and he seemed to be very composed on the ball.
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    Nicolò Rovella

    In the very same deal Serie C players, Portanova and Petrelli are valued at 15mln each. That's what makes Rovella worth 38mln. I believe JayJuve said an important thing. We all assume Rovella wouldn't renew with Genoa which may not be the case. He's so young that he could've easily renewed and...
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    Matthijs de Ligt

    He already played 90 minutes against Spal.
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    [Coppa Italia] Juventus 4-0 SPAL [January 27th, 2021]

    I don't get it. What about McKennie's foul on Mertens then? Why the VAR intervened?
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    Nicolò Rovella

    Are we getting him eventually?
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    Premier League 2020-21

    So how would you guys comment on Lampard's sacking? I don't follow EPL but I'm curious what happened there.
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    Serie A 2020-21

    We're owned by them though.
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    [Serie A] Juventus vs 2-0 Bologna [January 24th, 2021]

    What's the name of the commentator? @Mark @Valerio.
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    Non-Juve Transfer news (official or rumors)

    They were second because the season was terminated early after 28 rounds. The last time they finished in top3 was in 12/13 season. They lost 5/6 games in this season's CL. Yes, they are absolutely terrible.