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  1. -what are u currently listenin to?-

    Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah Hybrid - Just for Today (best electronica track i've gotten my hands on for quite sometime) Justin King - Knock On Wood
  2. most poweful voice in rock music

    Myles Kennedy without a doubt
  3. Barzagli & Joaquin

    neither. Joaquin isnt a nedved kinda player to me...or a zidane. We need our next big midfielder, and neither will really fit the mold.
  4. What Instruments Do U Play?

    nooooooobody knows what fruityloops is? i want Abletron
  5. Techno, Trance & House - Reborn

    killer site that...get the friction intimate set with hybrid's finished set i've heard
  6. What Instruments Do U Play?

    is fruityloops considered an instrument? :D hahaha i play the electric guitar, kinda they way joe bonnamassa does....bluesy stuff...eventho i want to play like John Petrucci but thats a dream. i also play piano. and the triangle :strong:
  7. greatest rock vocalist and guitarist ever

    GRK...what's your point? Steve Vai, Joe Perry.....haha Jimi Hendrix?! Stevie Ray Vaughan?!
  8. Best Penalty kick taker?

    that Irwin dude....ex Man Utd defender.
  9. greatest rock vocalist and guitarist ever

    no it doesn't. first of, Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin did not make metal music. They popularized it. the birth of metal had already tooken place a while back. now Page is a talented musician no doubt (i mean, he was part of about a third of all rock music recorded in England in the late...
  10. Uefa Champions league Fantasy Football

    why would anyone pick just defenders when they're a sure-fire way of gettin 6 pts baffles me btw, Riquelme, joaquin and a couple of other players mentioned here are doubtful... Gk: Cech Def: zambro - canna - terry Mid: Karimi, van bommel, gatuso, gerrard Att: Eto'o, Adriano...
  11. The Lucky But Not So Lucky boy-->Martunis....

    hahah what the hell. imagine if he was wearing a juve jersey? haha he'll still be stuck in a shelter home. haha
  12. greatest rock vocalist and guitarist ever

    best guitarist? why is there even an arguement here. John Petrucci. Find another guitarist as technicly accomplished and yet musicly inclined as JP. Michael Angelo and Malmsteen can play as fast as, but ONLY plays as fast. Vai, Satriani, Johnson arent too far either, along with guys like Al di...
  13. 8th Edition DJ Awards

    haha not my cup of tea.. snoop, try this couple of tracks out Sasha - Xpander...(if you're downloading, get a proper long-ish version) Hybrid - finished Symphony (this song is rather hard to come by on P2P, but worth it P van Dyk - Nothing But You of the few vocal trance (or is...
  14. Classy bit over here (the official Inter.. i mean joke thread)

    some scary shit..... ....and dont ask why i pay attention to this kinda BS
  15. Best Song Ever

    DJ Sasha - Xpander whats wrong with you guys...have not you heard of the stellar track?