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  1. Juventus songs here it is it's my home page ( not very estethic, i agree)
  2. Juventus songs

    hi everybody i'm going to make a .rar file where I'll put all my juve sound I have and I will post it soon on a a rapidshare link or my personal homepage it is for soon
  3. Del Piero's goals this season

    ok yo can have it : bye everybody see you later
  4. some nice compilations

    ok so great
  5. Del Piero's goals this season

    ok I upload it with yousendit , wait for a few minutes
  6. some nice compilations

    well I have it if you don't wan't to wait get it on emule i'm sorry , windows has crashed , just once it sometimes happens , if you want I can show you a screenshot I can't upload it again because I leave soon for five days and the upload won't be finished on time
  7. some nice compilations

    another one not very good quality but with Juve anthem
  8. some nice compilations

    just for wait : goals versus torino :
  9. some nice compilations

    Damn !!!!!!!! my pc has just crashed, i'm so sorry guys , if someone has the file , i think he can upload it because I won't be back before 5 days. I'm sorry , you'll have to wait , I'll try to upload a small one for this evening. I really apologize ( it's the F****** windows XP )
  10. some nice compilations

    I guess 12 hours , yousendit I can upload my file only a 9Kb/s , but My connection could go up to 16 Kb , i don't know why
  11. some nice compilations

    I hope i can give you the link in five or six hours it's very slow
  12. some nice compilations

    Ok guys I 'm going to upload it this afternoon , I hope you can get the file this evening, even thought you'll get it tomorrow .
  13. Italy goals!

    I have some , old, new maybe for 30MB or more.... but where could I upload it ?? I don't have a good connection , mail me if you want
  14. some nice compilations

    I have Delpiero 100 goals in serie A ( recorded from italian TV ) but the file is big 365 MB I don't know where I could upload that because I don't have a great connection, mail me i you have a solution , I also have other compilation or videos , maybe 1 GB fot all the videos. bye
  15. Del Piero's goals this season

    I may have most of Dp goals , maybe not the last two versus Siena but I will get it soon , the quality are not excellent but , it's still viewable , I don't know where I can post it.... bye , but emails still working