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    [Serie A] JUVENTUS vs Parma Calcio [January 19th, 2019]

    Yes I think it days in brackets beside the player names in that graphic how many games they are out for.
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    The Official MMA Thread

    Zero.... And I hate Conor McGregor so there is no fanboyism here.
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    The Official MMA Thread

    Wasn't allowed to happen? If you honestly believe Cowboy took a dive then your a complete retard end of discussion.
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    Ciro Immobile

    N Definitely not. Still not s big enough star. Awards a popularity contest.
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    The Official MMA Thread

    What a load of shit... How many times have we seen the next big thing wiped out by some nobody. If what your saying is true then what about Brock, Rhonda, CM Punk and the list of other stars who have all been beat. If cowboy beat Conor he would become a huge star just like Nate and then...
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    The Official MMA Thread

    @Pegi I agreed with everything untill the very end when you said accepting the loss. There's no way a warrior like Cowboy or any other fighter at this elite level is going to accept a loss. They literally put their lives on the line and your a fool if you don't think that Cowboy or anyone would...
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    Sami Khedira

    Fuck Beppe.
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    The Official MMA Thread

    There is nothing fake about the fights. The match making and the pre fight antics are fabricated and exaggerated but everything that happens inside that cage is legit.
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    The Official MMA Thread

    I'm not his biggest fan but that performance was insane.
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    General TV

    Just finished the first episode of Doom Patrol and it was awesome. Looking forward to bringing on this.
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    The Official MMA Thread

    Can someone advise me as to where the best place to stream the UFC is or watch a replay without spoilers?
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    Watchmen being cancelled or put on hold too?
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    Sandro Tonali - DM - Brescia

    Can't imagine Pirlo having long balls I'd say that mans balls are wells drained on a daily basis.
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    That's fucked up
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    Gonzalo Higuaín

    He is playing like he is pissed off and with a point to prove this year. I expect him to be even more ruthless as the season goes on.