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    Missing Members

    Sweet! It's pretty basic. :) My username is fine. :stuckup: :D
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    Missing Members

    Oh I see. :D I sent him a moderating request but I suppose he won't see it any time soon. Can I forward it to you instead? :)
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    Missing Members

    Bozi left? I just sent him a PM.
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    Juventuz is 10 years old!

    After Martin mentioned the 10 year anniversary, I thought I'd have a look and see what's become of the old place. My last post here is so old, I just typed "" in my browser - go figure. I assume most of you have no idea who I am, that's alright. Also, Martin, I didn't realize you...
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    Euro2004™ Stadiums

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    Euro2004™ Playing schedule

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    Euro2004™ The teams

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    Nick Against the World

    Instead of telling him that, could you maybe just hit that giant red button? :toast:
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    [CL] qualifiers to Quarter final march 6-7

    10.000 on the boys from Eindhoven
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    Nick Against the World

    I could be Muslim, I just have to grow out my currently fashionable facial hair and start wearing feminine clothes
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    Nick Against the World

    Oh I've done that loads of times. Now I just need the job. Wanna hook me up?
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    Nick Against the World

    It's oddly comforting :D
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    Nick Against the World

    Yeah I had War of the World visions myself :D
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    Nick Against the World

    :wth: A giant hole appeared out of nowhere in Guatemala City on Friday morning, eating up houses , trees and a road. Three people have been reported missing. The hole is an estimated 100 meters (300 feet) deep but its true depth is hard to estimate due to its evolving nature. A thousand...
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    New Holland: The New Sponsor

    Sweet :D