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  1. Antonio Conte

    Next year his team will gather 90 points. We better be prepared.
  2. Nicolò Zaniolo - AM - Roma

    You don't pass on players like him. I hate to see another Veratti case.
  3. Maurizio Sarri

    If he fails to take us to the next round of CL, should be fired immediately. I don't think he can implement his ideas here even next season . Seems like We are too big for him to handle.
  4. Merih Demiral

    He will be a starter here next season I'm sure of that.
  5. Maurizio Sarri

    Thank you mister for winning us Scudetto. I surly expected much more from you but i believe our squad is quite overrated, apart from 4 or 5 players we lack real quality all around the pitch. We have to remember he lost Chiellini, Demiral and Costa due to injury all season. These players...
  6. Paul Pogba

    Manchester qualifying for CL doesn't mean anything. The guy was in fifa best 11 here and winning cups left and right but left everything for a team fighting for UCL qualification. If he thinks he needs to change his team, he would do it in a heart beat.
  7. Adrien Rabiot

    I love the way he steals the ball and then start attacking through the middle and get past players with ease like a true winger. Doesn't matter who we buy this window. This guy is gonna be a starter here next season.
  8. Matthijs de Ligt

    It's not gonna be easy for any club in the world to buy him.his clause is 150m right now and it goes up 15m each year passing. they have to pay around 200m to get him aside from his top wage. so it's almost unlikely someone have enough balls to spend that much on a defender.
  9. Matthijs de Ligt

    Them salty Barca fans still can't get over the fact we stole the Del Ligt right under their nose. I'm sure He will stay here for years. He is already one of the leaders of the team. It's just going to be amazing to see both him and Demiral in our shirt. They are gonna dominate the football...
  10. Adrien Rabiot

    has has been great after the break . reminds me of Davids.
  11. Federico Bernardeschi

    I think his buckle up ruined his career. explosiveness and acceleration are none existence . he was fast and capable of getting past of his markers. we don't see these here at all .
  12. Cristiano Ronaldo

    if he wants it , he will get it. nothing can stop him right now , he will enter the pitch with a broken leg to achieve the unachievable.
  13. Rodrigo Bentancur

    Our pressing works when this guy plays instead of Pjanic. We are even much better defensively with him as DM.
  14. Maurizio Sarri

    At this point I only want us to win the league. And Ronald wins the Golden boot. We haven't changed a bit from last year. I surly expected much more than this shit show. I don't think other coaches would do much more than this, we tried with 2 different coaches and the results are same...
  15. Leonardo Bonucci