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  1. Serie A 2020-21

    Milan and Inter are both equally disgusting. Milan have some of the most arrogant fans in the world. They are so delusional that think they can win the Scudetto this season. Nothing makes me happier to see another meltdown like their 2017-2018 campaign.
  2. Cristiano Ronaldo

    Thank God he got ride of the tale on his head.
  3. Serie A 2020-21

    People here suck Marotta's cock like he is second of Jesus. Inter gonna be in deep shit to get ride of these oldies next few years. Also, Kolarov and Perisic look like 55 of years old alcoholics.
  4. Paulo Dybala

    Dybala haven't even started training under Pirlo method and you guys talking about wasted talent? Bunch of Drama Queens.
  5. Andrea Pirlo

    And people who don't understand the importance of formation don't have any clue about football. Formations define your approach to the game and set the tune for the rest of the match. And also is important to use a formation that puts all crucial players in their preferred position, not out of...
  6. Summer Mercato Thread 2020-21

    Houssem Aouar has tested positive for COVID-19 - won’t feature vs Dijon tonight & will now likely be replaced in the French national team squad.
  7. Europa League 2019/20

  8. Arthur

    He is a great great player. Thiago type of player. Expect him to be insane under Pirlo.
  9. Houssem Aouar - M LC - Lyon

    I hope Paratici could do a Del Ligt and pull this one out somehow. Insane talent.
  10. Champions League 2019/20

  11. Rodrigo de Paul - Midfielder - Udinese

    No matter who we sign this summer. This guy should be in our shirt next season.
  12. Andrea Pirlo

    It's not like he has been in this sport for 25 years and had some of the best Coaches in the world coaching him. Seems like things like these don't count as an experience these days.
  13. Andrea Pirlo

    May you become the next Pep/Zidane /Conte for us. If he himself accepted this tremendous risk, it means he is ready to do it. We all have to support him and give him time to implement his ideas to the team. Can't deny this, I'm excited to see what's his philosophy. Welcome mister :heart:
  14. Fabio Paratici

    Just bring Gasp and let the guy do his magic. Our current team is made for his 3412. ---------------Ronaldo - Dybala -------------------------Kulu Sandro---Rabiot - Bentancur - Cuadrado -------------Chiellini-De Ligt - Demiral There is no squad in the whole Europe more suited to his...
  15. Massimiliano Allegri

    Allegri is top 5 coaches in the history of our team.he had 2 amazing and 2 unbelievable seasons here. Even In his worst season (last one) he was way above Sarri. No need to compare him to anyone. We juat have to move on and see what our incompetent managers would do to fix this mess.