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    [SPA] La Liga 2014/2015

    What does Alaba have to do with it lol?
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    [ITA] Serie A 2014/2015

    Siiiiiiiiiiii @CAPITANO
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    Summer mercato 2015

    Fam I have absolutely no idea lol, you better ask the genius @Fred - - - Updated - - - TEAM KURKURE!
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    Tuz Meet Up In Berlin

    DONE Keep me posted young lord once you do hahaha
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    Summer mercato 2015

    He prolly also stops at the red lights on GTA.
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    Summer mercato 2015

    Let me explain the science of this to you bruh. You know how Drake the type of dude who would open a bag of chips by cutting it with scissors? Just like that Juve the type of mafuckas who buy would buy the unused De Bruyne from Chelsea on the low, not the premium after he's in form and more...
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    What Are You Doing Right Now?

    Don't be silly ZoSo
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    Summer mercato 2015

    You're right but the market fluctuates so much with age and circumstances. An example for you is the sum we paid for Dybala in his last year in his contract vs what Utd paid for van Persie in the last year of his contract. (I know the wages aren't comparable)
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    'what are you currently listening to' Part 2

    That last bit is exactly why I stick with soundcloud/iTunes opposed to Spotify haha :D - My favorite song right now: - - - Updated - - - - - - Updated - - -
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    Juventus shirts 2014/15

    That's one thing I wish they didn't tamper with
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    Turning Japanese

    Goood shit @JuveJay
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    Summer mercato 2015

    It's a bit farfetched this is true, I'd guess around €8-9m considering how Basel sold Shaqiri for €12m.
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    [CL] JUVENTUS 1-3 Barcelona (June 6th, 2015)

    Allegri already beat Barça 2-0 at the San Siro before. KPB and Muntari with the goals.
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    'what are you currently listening to' Part 2

    Osman, let's be honest here, I know you better than you know you. At the end of the day you thought to yourself: "Damn, Kaytra is pretty dope" after you heard his collabo with Gangsta Gibbs. AT LEAST that sealed the deal. ;) - - - - Updated - - -
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    Summer mercato 2015

    Breel Embolo is an awesome talent, especially given his age. My own qualm here is that I get the impression that 'too many cooks spoil the broth' if he also joined.