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  1. World Cup 2022 LIVE thread

    crosses can break ir defence.
  2. World Cup 2022 LIVE thread

    with political suppression in iran and killing many youngsters many people in iran dont like this team.
  3. [WC] World Cup 2022 - General Talk Thread

    fans in stadium arenot really football fans. they are pakistani workers with 10 dollars per game.
  4. Azzurri Thread

    how is it going?
  5. [WC] World Cup 2022 - General Talk Thread

    Yes, Western beauties, this is not Netflix, where you can drink beer with a Muslim or wear your favorite clothes and it has nothing to do with you. This is the middle of the Middle East, it is the reality and the hell that we lived in for years, now you can experience a bit of it.
  6. [WC] World Cup 2022 - General Talk Thread

    i dont mean urban infrastructures.
  7. Azzurri Thread

    fsntastic talent with good balance and direction change.
  8. Winter Mercato 2023

    pafundi good example of maradona.
  9. [WC] World Cup 2022 - General Talk Thread

    islamic countries realy not good place for world cup and foeign tourists and fans.
  10. Russia - Ukraine Conflict 2022

    if mullah-made missiles hit poland what will happen?
  11. General News & Politics

    due to everyday iran currency is declining no way to escape from this country. plus most of adjacent countries like afghansitan and pakistan not good place for liviing. only turkey or georgia but needs huge money.
  12. General News & Politics

    leaving Iran towards europe is not easy. it needs money and many other things. iran isnot a good place to live from many aspects. but illegal trip to europe is hard.
  13. General News & Politics

    very bad news. hope reduce ur ban
  14. General News & Politics

    yes i agree with you.