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    [CL] JUVENTUS 2-1 Lokomotiv Moscow [October 22nd, 2019]

    The more this Juve is starting to apply Sarri's characteristics, the more I like it. The guy has made almost every player play better than last year (apart from Berna, but hive him a bit of time). But above all, this seems to be one of the less Ronaldo-centred team Ronaldo has played since his...
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    Adrien Rabiot

    Really good once he came in. This guy should be in the pitch, Matuidi should come in only to close down matches.
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    Paulo Dybala

    A performance with guts (even before the goal). The transfer sage seems to have done him good. Forza Paolo.
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    Winter mercato thread 2020

    Kante is an awesome destroyer. However not sure he's technically at the level Sarri would expect from someone playing his position. Also, he's already 28. Not old, but not young either. I'd prefer if for now we put our effort in moulding Rabiot into the player we want. Physically strong, very...
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    Marko Pjaca

    He's appearing more and more lately in the training commercial videos/stories. Maybe Sarri likes something he sees in him? In theory he's someone that would fit in his system a lot. Can we have Ronaldo and the new Ronaldo in the same team?
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    Emre Can

    Well if you remember well, after giving his best he was registered for the second half of CL. That he ended up leaving in search of first team playing time is a different matter. That he might have ended up in Parma or Atalanta instead of Roma if he had not done that game vs Atletico is another...
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    Emre Can

    A pity. I thought he would be good as the backup for Rabiot for the most defensive midfield role of the three. I like him in a defensive role. He's built like a tank and his passing is not bad actually. However that's how it works when you're competing for a spot in a top institution. He went...
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    Paulo Dybala

    Not sure what's going on right here really. I was so optimistic for Dybala when we announced Sarri. He likes lightweight 9s. And has openly talked about how much he likes technical players, referring explicitly to Dybala among others. So it's either that we're in deep financial issues and we...
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    Fabio Paratici

    Well this is a kind of ironic situation really. We were some time ago in a place that none wanted to join us. We wanted to make a team that everyone wanted to join. And we did it. On the same time though this is a team that nobody wants to leave. We have indeed created a very exciting team that...
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    Sami Khedira

    I think that Khedira is our backup/rotation player behind Ramsey for the attacking box to box role. And I'm fine with this, maybe ideally he would be on lower wages but in general he's good for a rotation role, or coming in towards the end of a match when we need a goal. In my mind, our...
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    Emre Can

    Or maybe Khedira is a backup for Ramsey while Can is a backup for Rabiot. Rabiot/Can being the most brutal/defence oriented one while Ramsey/Khedira the one with licence to go forward.
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    Summer Mercato Thread 2019-20

    Really? Swapping 25 year olds in Dybala and Can for 31 and 32 year old Rakitic and Suarez? Haven't we learned nothing from this year's selling struggles? I used to be a big fan of those, especially Suarez, but now it's a bit late for both. We should target buying players before or in their...
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    Emre Can

    I really wish we don't sell him. He was important for us last year in crucial moments, he's quite young and quite experienced for his age.
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    João Cancelo

    I'm kind of sad seeing him leaving to be honest. With a world class defender next to him and a winger/forward in front of him cutting in, I'd like to see him offering width. But well. The board knows something more I guess.
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    Maurizio Sarri

    That's a strong move by our board. Even if it doesn't work out I really like how we have become bold and and not being afraid of change. Insanity after all is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. This has become even more urgent for us due to the ages of Ronaldo...