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  1. [SPA] La I beat you 8-0 Liga 2012/2013

    Anyone know the reason why CR7 was bitching so badly recently? I heard of it but won't gonna dig it up :P.
  2. 2012-2013 ALL JUVE GOALS & HIGHLIGHTS & Full Matches

    Did anyone think about uploading games on filesonic?
  3. Pablo Armero - LWB - Udinese

    Isn't he a Krasic'esque player? Hit n' run staff?
  4. Paul Pogba - CM - Manchester United

    Damn, I was affraid the the deal collapse.
  5. Tactics and Formations

    Prandelli trusted Diamanti more than Giovinco in Euro 2012.
  6. Antonio Conte

    Because we need a coach?
  7. Marco Borriello

    I'm still thankful for that goal against Cesena (?) which gave us a win in the last minutes. Could be decisive in the Scudetto race.
  8. Sebastian Giovinco

    I hope we trade him for someone better (Jovetic).
  9. Stevan Jovetic - Forward - Fiorentina

    I don't believe we will get Jovetic and another world class player. I'd say lets just settle for Jojo otherwise then chasing unrealistic targets like Cavani, Higuain or Van Persie. Maybe next summer there will be some good striker available.
  10. Stevan Jovetic - Forward - Fiorentina

    Get me that guy. Just do it.
  11. Edinson Cavani - ST - PSG

    Given the choice between Cavani for 30-40 milion + Giovinco and Robin Van Persie for 25-30 milion it should be quick decision.
  12. Sebastian Giovinco

    Is it legal for Inter or any other club to sponsor Parma in the blind auction?
  13. Mauricio Isla - Udinese - Right Wing Back/Midfielder

    Wasn't Zuniga doing a fine job for them as a left WB?
  14. juve's group in UCL 12/13?

    Can't wait for this tournament.
  15. Eljero Elia