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  • thats too much for me. i don't want my cause of death being suffocated by obese butt cheeks
    and the rest of the stuff :scared: is ok bro you could have
    that aroused me.

    tbh i always wanted to bang a morbidly obese woman. dip her WHOLE body into lube/oil/vaseline, then bend whatever part of her body and fuck it, there's infinite possible "entrances", so much to grab onto and so much warmth :tuttosport:

    appreciate the mention in The Pogba thread, but i asked Mark to threadban me the day he left :P

    Haven't posted in it ever since :D
    You better should have given the +rep for my double positive jinxing about Bernaboy :P
    Gotta admit that within the last 2-3 years I have more fun dancing than 10 years ago. :shifty:

    Fucked up Techno parties/festivals :snoop:
    They drink mostly straight rum, except of the rich ones, they drink other stuff. ;)

    500 young people dancing salsa in an old factory building, and on each table a bottle of rum :D
    Getting banned for posting dirty vm's :shifty:

    ...posted enough to be gone til 2025.

    omg that gif was scary
    i wouldn't give kyle piss yet alone water if he was dying of thirst
    I wonder why there aren't more translations :sad:

    He's isn't exactly an unknown. What a shame.

    Der arme Heinrich, Und Pippa tanzt!, and the one pretty much every german reads at school :P :
    Bahnwärter Thiel.

    But read whatever you can get your hands on :D
    whatever, but pls, continue my work. i can bet my legs on it I'll get banned because of that fake jew. continue my work @daidevil
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