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  1. Maurizio Sarri

    Remember what I told you in the summer? You may remove your dislikes now ;)
  2. Juventus Shirts 2019/20

  3. Paulo Dybala

    Putting aside all the emotions of this deal. Ronaldo - Lukaku - Costa has a lot of everything to succeed. Football is changing fast. Players like Dybala are nice to watch but it's about the athleticism nowadays. Having said that, a lot depends of if we're able to get Lukaku back to same form he...
  4. [FRIENDLY] JUVENTUS 3-3 K-League All Stars [July 26th, 2019]

    It's extremely funny seeing people losing their shit against Sarri after he had less than 10 training sessions. It looks like a lot of you guys think a trip to Asia on an airplane will do the trick. Some of you don't have a clue about how real life football works.
  5. Matthijs de Ligt - CB - Ajax

    I did. And I disagree. I think a lot of your concerns are due to how Allegri set us up. We basically have a new midfield already with Ramsey and Rabiot. We'll be playing differently as well. Let's see what Sarri thinks. Let's see how it goes and revisit this discussion in January.
  6. Matthijs de Ligt - CB - Ajax

    Imagine not buying Buffon because we needed to strengthen our midfield instead. We don't need a midfield if we get this kid. He's the best i've seen since Maldini. Maybe even better.
  7. Maurizio Sarri

    Loved it. This is what we need more of. Friendly banter without the hate.
  8. Maurizio Sarri

    How does a supporter want his team to lose? I'm totally oblivious to that fact, yes. In my world. That's the opposite of being a supporter.
  9. Maurizio Sarri

    That's all you have to do if you claim to be a fan. Support. I'm fine with that. Now is the time to start though. Stop bashing on our coach. There's enough room for more Chelsea supporters to bash on theirs.
  10. Maurizio Sarri

    Imagine someone claiming to be a Juventus supporter yet dislikes this. You are spot on. As soon as the first whistle goes, we'll be backing him and hoping for him to succeed. That's called being a supporter. There are a lot of stupid comments here which makes me think that some Chelsea...
  11. L' Angolo del nuovo manager...lasciate ogni speranza voi ch'entrate

    You don't have to be convinced by me. I have nothing to show for. But you should trust Agnelli. As much as anybody here has a thing or two to say. I bet nobody has thought this as well through as Agnelli has. The fact is that I trust Agnelli, Nedved and Paratici more than any keyboard warrior...
  12. L' Angolo del nuovo manager...lasciate ogni speranza voi ch'entrate

    I disagree with that. I think you're right when you say Agnelli is ambitious and the club is well managed. This is absolutely in line with that. Agnelli knows what he's doing. More so than anybody here. I my view, this is the best possible appointment we could've made. In my view better than...
  13. New Juve coach: The Last Chapter

    It looks like it's Sarri. And i have a feeling Agnelli wanted him since he was with Napoli. He did incredible things with Napoli. Finishing with 91 points. Played incredible football and was praised enormously by coaches such as Pep and others for what he did there. Losing Higuain looked like it...
  14. New Juve coach: The Last Chapter

    You dont have to. Only time will judge the success of our next coach. Nothing else