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  1. Round 1.

    Vieri - 5pts F. Inzaghi - 4pts Trez - 3pts Mutu - 2pts DP - 1pt
  2. Chievo - Juventus

    First half? i don't think i saw it once from the usual camera. Second half was alright though.
  3. Eid Mubarak :)

    I am in Dubai at the moment (i have been here for 3 days). I went to il mercato the other day, it's very nice. Dubai has changed so much since i was last here about 8 years ago, when i lived here for a year (i lived right across the road from il mercato). City center is also very nice, it has...
  4. Italia vs Yugoslavia

    Pirlo shouldn't have a problem getting the ball to them(provided he plays), as long as he gets the ball.
  5. Great news!!!!!!!!!!

    Congratulations, and good luck with all the sleepless nights coming up. :D
  6. Juventuz Art Thread

    haha DP a porn star? well he sure does 'score' alot. :D
  7. Juventuz Art Thread

    lol it does look like he has an afro! Still better than his current hairstyle though. ;)
  8. juve wins 8-0 (goals)

    Hehe i guess Juve ruined their birthday. :D
  9. Juventuz Art Thread

  10. Bad news >> good news

    I didn't know her, but i read a few of her posts, and she seemed nice, get well soon. :frown:
  11. Juventuz Art Thread

    Here is a DP wallpaper i made. Click Here to view the file. All the DP images were taken from this site, so should i put a reference to it or something? edit: just fixed the link.
  12. ah crap, another one!

    What about a dedication to your math teacher who taught you to count so well? :D
  13. Ciao

  14. Cannavaro and Del Piero Interviews?

    Are they written interviews, or are they as .ram files? If they are written, i will translate them, but if they are .ram, its difficult for me because my Italian is not 100% anymore, so sometimes i miss something, and .ram files don't allow you to stop and start as you like.
  15. Addictions

    :LOL: I think you two should keep this thread, so if you are ever in court, you can pleade for insanity. :fool: :D