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  1. Who's Playing FANTASY FOOTBALL By Calcio Italia?!

    I have some Q....! the firts one is... I know i can pay 1.5p and i will get to make 1 more transfer! how can i do this?, how can pay? the secend.... I have the Ennio Tardini Stadium but i want to put another Stadium !!!!! how can do it???? if i can do it >??????? thanx !!!!!!!
  2. Udinese's Strikers ? !!!

  3. Udinese's Strikers ? !!!

    And if we are on the subject.... Andrea Ardito or Demetrio Albertini for now both of them have 20 points from FANTAST FOOTBALL but lazio are a better team then siena . what means more points and Albertini takes the peneltys when Ardito isn't !!!! what do u think??????
  4. Udinese's Strikers ? !!!

    I think u are right but I know that Iaquinta is a regular first 11 player... Is Fava a regular to ???? thanx
  5. Udinese's Strikers ? !!!

    Who Do u think will score more goals? Vincenzo Iaquinta ? or Dino Fava ? for now Fave scored 2 and Iaquinta 1..... Fave played only 3 games and Iaquinta played 5.... thanx
  6. Who's Better ?

    you are right - i'm sorry.... yes i am doing a fantasy league and i have blasi in my team but alot of people have him so i want to change and hope to get more points... u say nervo.....!!!! thanx
  7. Who's Better ?

    i am sorry form asking such Q's but i will be happy to hear your reply... Who's a better Midfielder & who will help his team get more Points... Manuele Blasi (udi) Carlo Nervo (Bologna) Andrea Ardito (siena) I know udi and bologna are better then Siena but do u think Andrea...
  8. Q About defenders - NOT Juve's

    i ment only in italy - thanx
  9. Q About defenders - NOT Juve's

    Can u tell me if ther is any defenders who takes the team pen.... kicks.....?? team? thanx
  10. Q about other strikers !!!

  11. Q about other strikers !!!

    who you like better ? reggina's emiliano bonazzoli? udinese's roberto muzzi? OR samp's atsushi yanagisawa? and by asking who do u like better i mean who do u think will score more goals and will help his team be better !!!! thanx.....
  12. test !!!

    no i did a test
  13. Signature

    i want to put this pic: in my signature but i want to see the pic NOT the link !!! What do i need to DO??? thanx
  14. test !!!

  15. Juventuz Player of the year 2003

    I don't think there is any athor answer then NEDVED !!! he is been there for us at all times !!!!!!