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  1. crazy match commentators (must see!!)

    quality aint it. i dont think that arsenal fan can ever show himself outside again after being humped by a spurs fan
  2. crazy match commentators (must see!!)

    in the uk on sky sports television, sometimes when they show live games they have an interactive service where the viewers can listen to a fan from each team (playing that game) commentating the whole match instead of the main sky commentators. you can imagine how bias it can be. below is a link...
  3. the worst team in britain - 18 years losing streak!

    the reaction of the sky sports news presenters was great lol
  4. the worst team in britain - 18 years losing streak!

    hilarious video :lol:
  5. The official Italy trip (Juventus) thread

    hey all wondering if anyone can help me. a friend and i are playing to and watch a serie a game on weds - 28th of feb this year. juve vs torino. i am gettin the tickets off but before i book the flights and hotel, is there any way of finding out that serie a games on...
  6. [SI] Football Manager 2008

    i have been a big player of football manager games for years. do all you guys use the same formation in the league and in the champ league? with the team ive got i have mastered serie a (i use an attacking 4-4-1-1 formation) but for the last 2 champ league seasons i have only get to the second...
  7. The official Italy trip (Juventus) thread

    hello all, i am looking to go and watch juve vs floretina in the new year. ive found cheap flights but now i just need to find tickets, tried to look on juve official website and couldnt find much on there. does anyone know of a safe, reliable site to purchase them, would be very grateful...
  8. Juventuz LIVE 2007/2008

    how are we playing after the camo goal guys?
  9. The Exploding Whale (MUST SEE!!)

    An hilarious video. the quality aint the best though
  10. J1897 petition against Bergonzi

    Pietro T, Wales, UK
  11. The vacation thread

    well for myself. a week sat i am going to italy for a week then coming back on a sunday night and then monday i am going with friends for a massive piss up in dublin :)
  12. 2007/2008 Juve jerseys news

    is there an official date when fans can buy these new jerseys?
  13. Job Interview From Hell

    by the way, in his actual job interview he went for he didnt get the job. he he
  14. Job Interview From Hell

    source wikipedia Goma was waiting in the main reception area of the BBC Television Centre in West London to be interviewed for a position as a "Data Support Cleanser" in the Corporation's IT department. At the same time, Guy Kewney, a British technology expert, was in another reception area...
  15. Scientologist and BBC reporter go at it

    just watched it now and it was great. but if the bbc had any sense they would of sent the legend Louis Theroux to interview them.