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  1. [Serie A] Juventus - Atalanta

    GREAT!! Congratulations everyone!! and congrats Trezegoal!! He's back!! Oh check this out.. :D EDIT: oh thx a lot Jeeks! :D
  2. Introduction of Chinese TV Stations

    Yeah.. You're supposed to click on the left block of text to open the stream.... Actually... scratch that.. they don't work anyway :(
  3. Introduction of Chinese TV Stations

    Hey guys I find another site with links: has around 10 CCTV5 links
  4. Introduction of Chinese TV Stations

    Ah.. Thanks a lot! So this forum is private..? Because I tried to register but I get a sort of message.. don't understand chinese though..:confused:
  5. Introduction of Chinese TV Stations

    s'okay.. thx anyway..
  6. Introduction of Chinese TV Stations

    Yeah.. How do you register..? I tried but i get a sort of error message.. :S
  7. Introduction of Chinese TV Stations

    Really..?? darn.. There goes another free solution down the drain.. Greedy Abu Dhabi Sports.. they get to charge outrageous fees because they're the only ones in the business here.... :down:
  8. Introduction of Chinese TV Stations

    huh..? Actually I was thinking about the real satellite dish, as I'd rather watch it on my big screen..:D
  9. Introduction of Chinese TV Stations

    Does anyone know the frequency of this channel..? I'm curious because i seem to get CCTV9.. i'm guessing on the same satellite network..? Thx in advance..
  10. Catch the Match..

    Actually it turns out that they encrypt the matches for the "paying customers" i guess..? I just found out the sad truth that night.. So I'm off today to subscribe to Abu dhabi sports and ART..:(
  11. The Neverending Story-Cassano to Juve

    NO OH HELL NO!!! I for one would NOT like to see this whining little bit*h on our squad! Sheesh, we have enough trouble with Camoranesi.. So in regards to this speculation, I hope that it will NEVER, EVER, E-V-E-R happen :fero: EDIT: Oh, and in regards to exchaning Del Piero.. Get...
  12. [CL] Ajax FC - Juventus FC

    GREAT!! CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE!!!! And get well soon Pavel Nedved.. Hope to see ya back on the pitch as soon as possible ;)..
  13. [CL] Ajax FC - Juventus FC

    Hmm.. didn't know that..
  14. [CL] Ajax FC - Juventus FC

    A ban on Roma would be nice.. But they can't do that because of the fans can they..?
  15. The Next BFITW..

    Can't decide betwen Reyes or Adriano... BTW I'm surprised no-one mentioned Robinho in this thread with all this hype going on about him (CM and non-CM related ;))