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  1. Call Of Duty: United offensive

    By the way its COD
  2. Your top 5 fav films?

    1)Saving Private Rayn 2)The Lord Of The Rings(all) 3)Bad Boys 4)Scary Movie 5)Ace Ventura
  3. Call Of Duty: United offensive

    Call Of Duty: United offensive is expension pack from call of duty. The game of year 2003. The game is from Gray Matter Studios(the maker of return to castlle wolfenstein)and Activision. Here are som screens from the game: here On the screens, there are multiplayer pictures. Here is...
  4. AC Milan 1--6 Juventus

    AAAAHHH, What a great pictures.
  5. More to come from Nedved

    we love hem all. go NEDVED!!!
  6. We must win, says Capello

    Yep, hopefully he do dat.