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  1. harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban

    I think Gary Oldman is quiet okay for playing Siruis Black, but I hate to see that David Thewlis plays Remus Lupin... Because Luin is my favoruite character and I hope that Christian Bale or Ralpf Fiennes are going to play him! :(
  2. Players and Families and Girlfriends

    Yes, you have to take a picture which is on the internet and copy the link! ;) Btw, I think that, too... :) But Mamen was cute when she had her shorter haircut, but now... Just like a cheap copy of Vic! ;) Soory, I I was mean!!! :) Greets Moon
  3. Players and Families and Girlfriends

    Funny Roberto Carlos... ;)
  4. Players and Families and Girlfriends

    4 Mermaidah and all the others who like Raul:
  5. Players and Families and Girlfriends

    @Lilianna You want to know who I posted the pictures? Okay, when you write an answer, you have to click on IMG and then you must fill out the FULL URL of the picture you want to post!!! And then it's done! ;) Greets Moon
  6. Players and Families and Girlfriends

  7. Players and Families and Girlfriends

  8. Players and Families and Girlfriends

    Little Jorge with his parents ;) Greets Moon
  9. Footballplayer nicknames

    Chico is also a nickname of Roque Santa Cruz... Some people in Germany call him like that! By the way, I saw him yesterday in the stadium!!!! ;) After the living of Elber and the illness of Pizarro, Santa Cruz (and Makaay) have enough place to play at the same time!!!! :) The match was not...
  10. Favourite actress/actor

    Did you see Winona Ryder in the movie Little Women? It was a really sweet movie... I don't know if it's the right name... It also be called "Betty and her sisters"! But she is great... :) Bye Moon
  11. Favourite actress/actor

    Okay, now my list: :D Actresses: - Drew Berrymore - Sarah Michelle Gellar - Meg Ryan - Julia Roberts - Sandra Bullock Actors: - EDWARD NORTON - Orlando Bloom - Ryan Phillippe - Nicholas Cage - Anthony Stewart Head - John Cusack - Jude Law Bye & Greets Moon
  12. Request: Ciro Ferrara

    Hi there! :D Can somebody probably post pictures of Ciro Ferrara? Especially with classes would be nice! :D Greets Moon
  13. 25th hour - Ed Norton

    "Red Dragon" was also a really great movie with Ed Norton, by the way, I really like him!!!!! He is such a great actor.... :D
  14. Outlandish?

    I think thier song "Aicha" is pretty cool :D Greets Moon
  15. who is the most handsome player in juve?

    Second.... ZAMBROTTA :D