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  1. Juve - Man Utd preview

    So good! Juve lost 3-0! And Roma wins 3-0! GOAL! CIAO RUBENTUS! FORZA ROMA!
  2. If u were the AZzurri Coach

    Toldo F.Cannavaro Nesta Iuliano Coco Fiore Tommasi Totti Doni Vieri Del Piero The subs are discusseble as in I have so many players. But the starting line up should be this IMO. With Coco as the only one going up to mid only, and with Doni and Fiore crossing. Tammasi ballwinner, and...
  3. Total Club Manager 2003

  4. Total Club Manager 2003

    I heard about this game. Is it really that bad? And I dont think its 6 bucks. Can I donwload the DEMO? Let me know.