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    Tuz NFL Fantasy Football

    I'm in the eastern timezone, works for me.
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    Tuz NFL Fantasy Football

    I'm in, just joined.
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    Tuz NFL Fantasy Football

    You guys need another player.
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    Capitano Giorgio Chiellini

    What would you guys rather see Sorensen Barza Bonucci Chiello or Barza Bonucci Chiello Dc, I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that Del Blacks was gonna to play some games with Barza at right fullback when we made the signing.
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    Milos Krasic by Mateo

    great video, thanks
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    Fabio Quagliarella

    You guys make me laugh you bitch and moan that Juve buys only Italian players and doesn't take chances on foreign players for example if Motta wasn't Italian he wouldn't have been bought than how do explain the Traore signing his quality is unknown, he is not proven and he is not Italian seems...
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    Jonathan Zebina

    legend, who else do you know that slaps a cameraman in the face during a game.
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    09/10 Serie A Yahoo Fantasy Football

    Are we starting this league back up for the new season
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    Sons of Anarchy

    good show.
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    09/10 Premier League Fantasy Football

    I'm not a big fan of the EPL but I'll give this a shot.
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    Christian Poulsen

    I wouldn't mind if he stays, Sissoko, Zanetti and Marchisio always seem to have a injury pop up at some point.
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    [FRIENDLY] Nancy 1-1 JUVENTUS, July 19th 2009

    I was just thinking that also
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    Gym and fitness

    I would do CEL x-tren instead a lot cheaper and it's the same thing. A lot of people love tren for the strength gains but it doesn't seem to add much size though. I would get a proper pct if you do it as it will shut you down. I am planning on doing x-ten stacked with m-drol for my next cycle...
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    American NFL Football

    I am still in disbelief that Dante Stallworth killed someone and is only going to jail for 30 days while Michael Vick has done over a year in jail and lost close to or more than 100 hundred million of dollars for dog fighting, I wouldn't be surprised if Plaxico Burress does more time than...