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  1. Check your personality

    :eek::eek::eek: shit thats freaky man cuz my name begins with m and its 99% accurate! xcept for the selfish thing cuz im not selfish!
  2. new(hope it is fun)game...

    sense and sensibility
  3. How Is Your Day...

    she wont let me go and starts all that emotional bullshit! im flippin stuck man! then she threatens to get my uncles to sort me out cuz im not a good girl! i better go now cuz theres gonna be a big fat lecture waiting for me when i reach the bottom of those stairs! f###k man. why me...
  4. How Is Your Day...

    deal!!!! :D like right now at this very minute shes screaming up the stairs for me to make dinner and wash up! also theres a pile of ironing to do!!!! f###k it im going work in a couple of hours anyway! yay!!! :D
  5. How Is Your Day...

    no its shit! if you had to live with such a possessive mother who told you how to do EVERYTHING it would drive you mad! thats why im glad that i work on a night shift so that i can avoid her at the best of times! but there is still no escape!!!!! HELP!
  6. How Is Your Day...

    get up in the evening, go to work, come back in the morning and go to sleep. then the whole cycle starts again! :groan: in between looking after my mother who is a law onto herself and she drives me up the wall! by the way nice avatar deej!
  7. :: chat in our forums..... ::

    :cool::cool::cool: cool idea man!
  8. {{{{wimbledon 2003}}}}}

    i loved wimbledon and used to watch it religiously when all the old greats used to play like becker, edberg, mcenroe. i liked watchin ivenisevic adn rafter but theyre not playing this year. i think i ll watch it just to keep up with the tradtion! :D
  9. Favourite albums

    nirvana- nevermind pearl jam - ten pearl jam - riot act alicia keys - song in the a minor soundgarden - superunknown alice in chains - dirt all the a-ha albums cuz ive always liked them! :D eminem - the eminem show and there are probably loads more that i cant think of! oh and...
  10. spelling words

    thats an american word isnt it? :confused: im sure the British version would be 'dickhead'! :D:D
  11. Actors

    he was good in those films but whats happened to him now? i read that hes trying to revive his career but its no go and that hes bankrupt - which i dont believe either!!!!!
  12. new(hope it is fun)game...

    good will hunting. have they had that one? :confused: oh sod it if they have! :D
  13. spelling words

  14. spelling words

    im gonna get myself a dictionary!!! :D
  15. Signature

    im useless with pc's. by the way erik your current signature is very poignant! nice! :D how can you gat an avatar then? :confused: