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    [EU] Champions League 2008/2009

    Zenit is in our group
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    [EU] Champions League 2008/2009

    You got what you wanted
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    [EU] Champions League 2008/2009

    Probably the player awards come first. Everyone is waiting for the draw so they do that last.
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    Poll: EURO 2008 Group D

    Spain & Russia
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    Poll: EURO 2008 Group C_

    Italy & France
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    Poll: EURO 2008 Group B

    Germany & Croatia
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    Who is the biggest absent player in Euro 2008?

    Trez One of the top-strikers of Serie A isn't even selected *shaking my head*
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    Poll: EURO 2008 Group A

    Portugal & Czech Republic
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    Which team(s) are you supporting?

    Sweden & Italy Sweden coz I'm a swede :) Italy....well, I love Italy :D
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    Lampard to Juve?

    No. English players rarely makes it in Serie A so it would be a waste of money.
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    Del piero 97-98 ....98-99

    98-99 is in't a lot of photos cos DP got injured in november '98.
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    Best foreigner at the club since 1990

    Nedved I just remember the CL lost. We would have won the final if he played.
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    Juve wallpapers

    I really like the last neddy wallpaper :)
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    [Serie B] Juventus VS Frosinone (10/28/06)

    He's in the history books now and forever in our hearts :touched:
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    [Serie B] Juventus VS Frosinone (10/28/06)

    Still 0-0?