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    Andrea Pirlo

    This 352 looks much better than that weird hybrid bullshit. Still, I think we're wasting a man on the field when there are 3 CBs. Midfield looks much better though, more cohesive and finally offers some cover for the defense. Yeah it's Dinamo but at least Pirlo adjusted a little. At fucking last?
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    Champions League 2020-21

    Such a useless dud.
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    Andrea Pirlo

    almost 2m net I think.
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    Andrea Pirlo

    A bit less stubbornness and deploying a 3-man midfield could be a start, maybe? The thing that's been repeated many times already is wide open midfield with exposed defense. Even when defending deep, it's too easy to get between the lines. Attack will probably be more impotent because our CMs...
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    Serie A 2020-21

    And watch Juve struggle against this Fiorentina in a couple of weeks.
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    Sami Khedira

    Hopefully he will be the one to finally establish a proper policy for freebies within the club.
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    Massimiliano Allegri

    Spaletti is still under contract with Inter. Why would anyone do them a favor? besides, he's not what this club needs. If you want to stabilize the ship then probably only Allegri fits this need. Other than that, maybe Mancini? In the end nothing will happen, since Sarri is still on Juve's...
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    [Serie A] Benevento 1-1 Juventus [November 28th, 2020]

    Disgusting game, simply clueless from the players and Pirlo.
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    Paulo Dybala

    Yeah, this is the clue here. So many posters around here forget how much he makes already.
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    Andrea Pirlo

    Zero tituli was my expectation the moment they announced Pirlo and I'll need to stick to that. We're dropping points with such an easy calendar, obviously it's difficult to expect any improvements once calendar gets tougher. In general I don't like this 2-man midfield, it looks weak. Putting...
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    Paulo Dybala

    Nah, he was useless and keeps slowing down the game too much. When he's in form, he's fantastic but his lows are unbearable. He's simply useless now. 90 minutes of nothingness against such a weak team.
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    Andrea Pirlo

    Even Sarri won the title with this team. Zero tituli under Pirlo? The schedule was so easy, yet so many points dropped already.
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    Antonio Conte

    Luckily he won't resign and inda can't afford to sack him. Perfect match anyway.
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    Winter Mercato Thread 2021

    Khedira will be off the books either in January or Juve. Dybala's contract might not be renewed, especially if the club sticks to 10m net and he keeps asking for 15m. Locatelli - Scamacca duo to replace both :tuttosport:
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    Champions League 2020-21

    Any fif golden quotes?