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    The SuperPippo thread

    Tom wat r u oh goddin @?
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    The SuperPippo thread

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    The SuperPippo thread

    PiPPo rox snooze u lose juventus
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    Best Players

    PiPPo InZaGhI is tha best player in tha world :D
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    Juve still Italy's fave team

    Milan r tha best club in Italy i hope Milan wins again and get back on tha top of tha list (of course and juve)
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    Best Players

    How many formations r there 4 soccer?
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    Sensi blames Milan and JUVE !!

    i DONT C WAT mILAN HAS 2 DO WITH IT :confused:
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    Sensi blames Milan and JUVE !!

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    Dp Injury And Lippi's Choices

    :down: :frown:
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    Your favourite transfer target.

    hey how did u become a coach i wanna be a coach 2 :down:
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    Top Ten Teams In The World!!

    A.C Milan r the best They deserve 2 win ( 2 make Juve regret leavin Inzaghi ) :LOL:
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    Round 1.

    Wow! :eek: Hi J.Lo Look guyz we have j.lo in our forum
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    Azzurri's Team Play needs more Attacking Flare

    It's not just about the coach or the refree it's just that their destiny is like that they r out of luck thats all :fero: prob god is mad at them ( y wouldnt he with Inzaghi in the squad )
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    Round 1.

    ALeXiS: Vieri ( 5 points):eek: Trezeguet (4 points) :devil: Inzaghi (3points):angel: DeL PiEr0 ( 2 points) :fero: Lopez (1 point):D