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    only for who loves Juventus

    welcome back serie A what ever !!!!!
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    Official: Primavera Games

    De Ceglie
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    The Financial Situation

    we hope the financial situation being better
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    Raffaele Palladino

    forza palladino
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    [Serie B]- Juventus vs Crotone - [02/17/07]

    three points is the important thing in this stage ...
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    do you????

    whats this !!!!
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    Toro: We Rule Turin Now!

    hahaha we are the champions of toriono & italy & the world look to final mutch in world cup 2006 made in juventus !!
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    Samuel: Inter Wanted Me At All Costs

    Following a terrible season both on a personal and team level with Real Madrid, Walter Samuel wants to redeem himself in his new adventure at Inter. “I chose Inter because they showed that they wanted me at all costs. I don’t know why in Madrid they did not appreciate me much; it was a...
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    Uefa Awards

    gigi is the best goal keeper in the world not just in europe
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    Everton Confirm Interest In Baros

    a traffic light good joke >> i'm free with my colore
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    Everton Confirm Interest In Baros

    soory guys i'm new here sorry againe !!
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    Parma capture Corradi - Report

    Corradi isnot better than Gala
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    Diego Milito from Genoa

    Zalayeta and Miccoli will both leave because they want to play ya both of them want to play !
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    20m,vieira or gila?

    what guys Vieira is the best !!!!