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    [FRIENDLY] JUVENTUS vs Hamburg SV (July 18th 2010)

    eroupa league qualifiers in 10 days time , bad performance and the fittness level isnt that good either
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    "The Arabic Juve Thread... Reloaded!!"

    Well , I am not sure about the printed names ,, many shops in hawally sells them ,, i would recommend that u wait tell the begining of season , they will change them
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    "The Arabic Juve Thread... Reloaded!!"

    hi all ,, long time guys ,,
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    The Official Jean-Alain Boumsong Thread (Lyon)

    he should be proud that he played for juve one day yes past tense i hope :p
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    The Official Marco Marchionni thread

    well , I see there r many fans of Marco here ,,, i like this lad he is commited , he has hunger for sucsess YET he didn't adapt to juve style and i think he will not unless we give up our slow building tactics and flat 4-4-2 formation . he is fast ,, his work rate is 100% ,, poor crosses...
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    who do u want out of juve ?

    we only have seire A and coppa italia ,, we r starting new era ,,, so i may look cruel but it must be done !! both permenantly or loan keepers : bounfoi defenders : legro , kovac , tudor , bomsong , birndelli , picollo , balzaretti midfielders : giannechedda , marchioni , paro , blasi...
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    New Juve coach, who do you want?

    Gentile ,, true juventino ,, italian ,, did well with italy under 21
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    "The Arabic Juve Thread... Reloaded!!"

    hello all , long time no see:)
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    Italy vs. Spain Under - 21

    i can't play the file ,, there somthing about codec code ?!
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    Champions Leauge Final tickets

    Hi there i was wondering if anyone knows aan agent or website to buy the ticket from ,, catagory 1 ,, i contacted someone and he told me 1,200 Euros :shocked2: if anyone knows please help me thank u
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    The most improved players of 2005

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    Zebina AGAIN!!!!!!

    let's hope that we can cash him for like 4- mil or swap him with abbiati
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    [Serie A] Palermo-Juventus

    well it's not easy one ,, after the break ,, away ,, and we r missing some players , i think capello would go for one of these formation ,, i remember udinese game ( away ) he played with 4-5-1 formation with flankers and ibra alone ,, or he will go for the usual 4-4-2 which i prefer but it's...
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    Your Favorite Football game of all times

    man u - arsenal ,,,,,, Fa cup semi-final ,, i think 99 when bergkamp missed a penalty italy - brasil ,,, b4 world cup in france tourmrnt ,,, i think it was 3-3 or 4-3 for brasil