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  1. International Superstar Soccer Pro Evolution 2

    ISS and PES is the best football games on the market, much better and more realistic than FIFA.
  2. Best games u ever played

    CM 97/98, CM 01-02, Final Fantasy VIII and Golden Sun.

    I'm playing it. My team is: Danmark->Series->search->IV.49->Mathias FC. I'm playing a Relegation Play off, so i hope that i won't get relegated :D .
  4. MAradona Junior

    He's son of Diego's Mistress :extatic: .
  5. Our future central midfield

    A center midfielder do not need THAT much pace, look at Stig Tøfting of Denmark or Albertini when he played for Italy.
  6. Flashbacks! CL 98 final

    Why...WHYYYYYYY :broken: :totti: ...
  7. Our future central midfield

    Of course he's good enough, he's my fave player alongside Del Piero :heart: .
  8. Our future central midfield

    I hope it will be Maresca, he's a genius :D and he's a very hard worker, but i hope they'll play Brighi a little more offensive, as a kind of playmaker, because he's a very creative player.
  9. Juve's main rival in the road to Scudetto

    I think Inter is the biggest threat, as they were last year. But of course we're gonna defend the title... at least, i don't wanna wait 4 years again:dontcare:.