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    best striking pair juventus ever had

    I de say Vialli Ravanelli...but watch out for Ibra - Del P - Trez ...will be the best by far IMO
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    Official Transfer Thread

    I ll have to diagree with you here ...Hesky was never a good player in my opinion
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    Euro 2004 Dream Team

    here s mine Buffon Zambrota-Nesta-Stamp-Salgado Rothen-Zidan-Deco-Vincenti Henry-Morientes
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    Roberto Baggio

    You will always be remembered Roby as the best .... Farewell
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    They're not going to be there, but they should be

    I think you should chill ...all the guy was trying to say was his opinion, we all know that DP is a great player and always can score , but no one knows for sure that he will be in form for EURO .... i would take him if it was my choice for this is a risk i would take just like trap is taking...
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    -what are u currently listenin to?-

    can you beleive i still did not buy it so caught up with work that i havnt bought any CD for almost 3 months now
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    It it true? We want Lampard? I Agree!

    No Manure cant take him ...he will come to Italy i have a strong feeling
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    How can we get like E.Davids

    More than one person IMO Emerson Gattuso Mekalele but the last is the least i would like to see at Juve
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    Please rate these strikers:

    Heres how i would rate them according to there performance this season Morientes 9 Gilardino 9 Trez 7 Drogba 6 Di Vio 5.5 Micco 8 Motto 5 Smith 7 Del Peiro NA i think as he was out most of the season i would like to add Torris 9
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    It it true? We want Lampard? I Agree!

    come to ask me i think he is worth even more player in the PL this season IMO ...ok Henry might have done a bit better but if you see this guy play you would understand ...he is amazing
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    Who's for the "new lady"

    2 deffenders , 1 deffending medfeilder ...and ofcourse deschamps
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    They're not going to be there, but they should be

    Totally agree as a sub for DP he is much better
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    Euro 2004, who will win?

    Im predecting the Chzecks will do something also there team is good and they have showed some good charecter in the qualification rounds. France wont make it to the second round ...if they will thats the most they will do England will beat them. to top the group.
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    -what are u currently listenin to?-

    Ben Harper is abit like Bob marley but more bluesy ... he a very good guitar player and excellent song writer If your interested try getting those songs im sure youll like them Burn one down Gold Opression those are from his old CD my favourite by far