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    Andrea Pirlo

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    Injury Updates

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    Alex Sandro

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    Marko Pjaca

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    Paulo Dybala

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    Summer Mercato Thread 2020-21

    lol the was a Beppe masterclass troll move
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    Edin Džeko - Wolfsburg - ST

    1600467447 1600467520
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    Luca Pellegrini

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    :lol: 1600467089 lolol 1600467364 I love the "he'll be home in time for stove top stuffing" comments
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    EXACTLY. It was funny.
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    Why do you bother? He is smart enough to know the difference.
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    Before or after they are defunded? Bet that turd was happy the police came when 2 minutes before he would probably calling them pigs.
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    Lets not forget the kid with the AR-15 was getting beat with a skateboard and another guy had a handgun pulled out :baus:
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    For the Antifa dweeb that probably threw a bottle of urine at them, yep...funny as fuck. He slapped him. That's all he did. He didn't hit him with a baseball bat :lol: 1600453780 This 100%. 1600453825 You get that kid with another 10 people like him you can bet if one of those guys was alone...
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    No idea who they are but its funny as hell LOL