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  1. Need help!

    well, please join! lol, i need Juve fans there! :down:and you can read how TCM 2004 is there. :cool:
  2. Need help!

    well! post please, i have to feeling that im the only Juve fan are there! :down:
  3. Need help!

    but you can join and only post in the real football forums :angel:
  4. Need help!

    i dont think advertising is allowed here... but i really need some Juve fans on the TCM forums! im desperate! :down: i think im the only Juve fan over there...its a TCM forum, TCM is a manager game...and its also a football forum! this is the url to the forum...
  5. Aan iedereen die Nederlands praat....

    HA! ik kom lekker uit Nederland, uit een vredig dorpje vlakbij Utrecht...:cool:
  6. Monaco relegated to second division

    what? why? :eek:
  7. Young Stars

    wow, how arrogant is Totti? :eek:
  8. Happy Birthday ElkE

    Happy Birthday!
  9. New member

    cool! Hi there! Have a great time!
  10. New Member

    hi, and welcome! Have a great time!
  11. .....just refresh the page in a couple seconds.

    I hate that message! i clicked 100 times on ''reply'' and i got 99 times that message! really this maked me cry :down: Please put this thing off! :D
  12. Avatars

    I don't have anough posts yet for a avtar :down:
  13. New

    thanks all! I hope i will have a great time out here! :D
  14. Your Juventus 2003/2004 Jersey

    I voted Kappa :D Because Kappa make cool jersey's! and i loved Juventus other Kappa Jersey's :cheesy:
  15. Juventus Compared to Real Madrid

    Whaha! Juve will crush Real! :fero: Just like Mallorca did! :fero: